2018 MTTI Medical Billing & Coding Graduate
Promoted from Billing Specialist to AR Manager (2021)
Priority Management Group (PMG)
I first heard about MTTI from my husband.

He had attended MTTI as an auto mechanic student about 5 years earlier. 

I came to MTTI with more than 15 years of experience in healthcare.

I had worked as a HUCNA (Health Unit Coordinator) and a Certified Nursing Assistant on an oncology unit.

I was troubled by how much the delivery of patient care depends on insurance.

We sometimes had to discharge patients because the insurance company would not cover additional days. The patient would then be required to pay out-of-pocket or leave the hospital.

teresa mbcoa
I wanted to understand why this happens when a patient is ill and needs medical attention.

I enrolled in the Medical Billing & Coding program to learn more about medical insurance.

MTTI put me at ease about returning to school in my forties.

Everyone was very warm and welcoming, and also very helpful. From day one, when I visited the school, through the interview process—and even on the first day of school—I felt right at home.

I knew during the first week I started school at MTTI that I had made the right choice.

The other students in my class had nothing but positive comments about the school, the teacher, and the Medical Billing and Coding program.

teresa and ms roc
Still, there were times I was ready to throw in the towel.

Even with my medical background, the course wasn’t easy. From the first day of class, Ms. Roc instilled in us that if we dedicated ourselves to our studies, we would pass the class.

Ms. Roc made learning fun.

She also drilled into us all of the information we needed to work in the medical billing & coding industry, and to prepare for the Professional Coders exam. After class ended at 3 pm, if we had a question, Ms. Roc was available by phone, email or text.

It did take dedication to go to school while maintaining a family life. 

I attended class fulltime—five days a week—plus studied at home. It was challenging, but manageable.

I am thankful for all of the support I received.

At school, my classmates helped one another. At home, my family took care of the household while I dedicated myself to my studies.  

I interned at Priority Management Group (PMG) in Pawtucket, RI

PMG appreciated my professionalism and work ethic; my years of medical background was a plus. PMG also liked that I was trained at MTTI; they have had good experiences hiring medical billing and coding graduates from the school.

I feel fortunate to have been hired by the same company where I did my internship.

Working as a Billing Specialist, I am able to use all of the skills and knowledge that I learned at MTTI.

I’m excited to have landed a fulltime job at a very busy and very successful company.

PMG treats me like I’ve been a valued employee at the company for many years.

I strive to be the best medical biller I can be.

MTTI prepared me with the knowledge of billing, coding and office administration. Best and most exciting was learning all about medical insurance, hospital billing and coding, and how to work with Excel spreadsheets.

My biggest accomplishment is being able to know and understand medical codes.

Having a good knowledge of coding enables me to work through appeals, charge entries and payment exceptions. 

MTTI helps students become successful professionals, while remaining very family-oriented.

Instructors and Staff nurture you. You feel like you have been adopted into a family. Even after graduation they still reach out to see how you’re doing. 

Because I had a good experience at the school, I recommend MTTI to others.

In October, my step-daughter will be starting school in MTTI’s Medical Assistant program.

I’m proud of being an MTTI graduate, so I make that known at work.

The funny thing is that, even without reminding them where I went to school, my employers can tell. They know,  because of the knowledge and skills I bring to my position, that I attended school at MTTI.