Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician Training Program for New England - MTTI School in Seekonk, MA

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Program:Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician

MTTI Motorcycle / Power Equipment Technician Program Video

30 Week Program
918 Hours
30 Credits by US Dept. Of Education Method
33 Credits by ACCSC Method
Do You Have A Passion For Motorcycles?

Do you love to ride or work on motorcycles? Do you want a successful career working in the motorcycle or small-engine repair industry? Life is much more fun doing something you enjoy! Come to MTTI’s Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician program to prepare for your new career, today!

Become a Well-Trained Technician with Experience!

MTTI’s Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program offers its students extensive training in motorcycle service and repair. While attending hands-on classes at MTTI, gain invaluable experience working with not only motorcycles, but a multitude of small-engine systems.

At MTTI, we train you to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable motorcycle and small-engine service technician!

Gain Experience Working With…

  • Motorcycles (engine rebuilds)
  • Dirt Bikes
  • ATV’s
  • Side-by-Sides
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Lawnmowers
  • Chainsaws
  • String Trimmers

All in just seven months!

Learn By Doing

While attending MTTI’s Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program you will spend hundreds of hours getting your hands dirty, actually gaining experience working on small-engine systems! The work you complete in the classroom is entirely necessary in becoming a competent and proficient motorcycle or power equipment technician, but at MTTI we stress the importance of learning by doing.

You will spend approximately 60 percent of your time in the shop performing many of the same skills and jobs that you will encounter in the industry workforce. Our goal is to give you the skills, knowledge, and experience to allow for a smooth and easy transition into employment!

Get more details about our Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technician program and MTTI’s tool bonus.

Costs for 2021-22 tuition, fees and supplies, before any Title IV funding loans are applied are listed on the Consumer Information Page for this program.

To view graduation rates, median debt of graduates completing this program and other important information, please visit the Program Consumer Information page.