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About Us

MTTI is a special place and we welcome you to experience it...

There is a different feel here. We are honest people who want to enjoy coming to work each day and feel like we are making a difference in people’s lives. We strive to hire instructors and staff that share traits: passion for their fields of study, integrity, compassion for others and who are fun to work with.
Get to know MTTI

We are proud to say we have an outstanding staff who truly care about their students’ success and will do whatever they can to help a student be successful. Admissions and instructors will give you accurate industry requirements to allow you to make a sound choice of program.

MTTI is accredited and re-accredited every five years.

The Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) maintain our accreditation. After our recent 2022 re-accreditation, MTTI is proud to announce we were given the 2022 School of Excellence Award! 

Our mission is “Education for Employment”.  

Our school began as a workforce development program where we served as the bridge between employers who could not fill jobs in an occupational area and unemployed or underemployed people who need a skills set that was marketable.  We listen to employers and who they want to hire and we develop programs with those employers to produce successful graduates that meet employer criteria.

MTTI supports graduate success by meeting the needs of the industry to provide a re-creation of the workplace. 

We don’t create this training ourselves.  Advisory Boards made up of local employers oversee and advise on each and every program in areas including curriculum, tools, equipment and facility, etc. These boards meet twice per year to insure up to date training that guarantees all information is current. 

We provide you with the knowledge, hands-on skills and work maturity skills necessary to meet market demands.  There is no need for non-related courses; all training is directly related to the career for which you are training.

We need applicants with the desire to participate in all phases of training that co-operate with staff in completing all assignments and most importantly communicate if there are any problems or barriers that might arise during the course.

Achieving high levels of success.

We try to set a personal example for our students in demonstrating dedication, hard work, dependability, honesty, fairness and effective communication. It is amazing to us the level of success that can be achieved with these character traits. If these needs are met, the vast majority of students will achieve success in reaching their personal goals.

With this philosophy, the more closely we meet local market demands, the greater the chance of success, which at MTTI is student employment!

We invite you to come join the MTTI team.

We believe in quality not quantity and if you are truly motivated about changing your life and willing to work hard to achieve it, enroll today.

Life’s Much More Fun Doing Something you Enjoy !     

— Ward and Sharon Ring