President, GEM Plumbing & Heating
Employer of multiple MTTI Graduates

“If people want to get into a field with plenty of work—plenty of jobs and career paths—it is heating, air conditioning and construction.”

Speaking to MTTI students during their visit to GEM, Larry told them that he sees two forces shaping the HVAC industry–climate change and microprocessor technology.

“All the major countries in the world recognize global warming, and are getting behind carbon reduction. The challenge of finding solutions to the effects of climate change falls to the next generation—those young people who are growing up today.”

“During the next 10-15 years, there will be so many rebates because of new carbon laws directed at reducing global warming. Although the cost of installing equipment has been going up, people have become more sensitive to climate change— and they are willing to pay for technology that reduces their carbon footprint.  Fortunately the government is willing to pay subsidies to bring equipment and installation costs down. I expect that the cost of equipment to homeowners will decrease by about 50%. The added bonus is that energy bills will also decrease. Home owners are looking at the cost of installing and operating technology as an investment. “

Larry Gemma GEM Plumbing
Microprocessors have radically changed the industry.

“Direct digital control (DDC) enhances equipment energy performance and functionality; a lot of equipment is becoming much more efficient. “As equipment becomes more efficient it requires a blending of jobs—construction, electrical, plumbing and HVAC. These jobs are hands-on and can’t be outsourced or replaced.  There is so much work in the industry now!”

GEM has young managers, who grew up in the industry.

“They have leadership skills, which come from caring about customer satisfaction. They have mechanical aptitude. And they have the right ‘fear factor’–they are not afraid to work. We want more workers with these same qualities.”

“GEM is continually on the cutting edge of new technology, testing and installing new products for manufacturers. If people want to get into a field with plenty of work—plenty of jobs and career paths—it is heating, air conditioning and construction. “

MTTI students at GEM Plumbing
Years ago we were fighting the stigma of vocational or trade school education.

Today the complexity of technology requires that someone be more than a technician. Installation and service professionals have to be hands-on engineers—they are no longer just technicians, they are engineers.”

Commenting to MTTI staff about interning and hiring students, Larry said, “I hear nothing but great feedback from managers about the MTTI students we have hired.”

“We have a strict interview process—MTTI students are giving all the right answers. When asked very difficult questions—even for a seasoned veteran in the industry—we are blown away by students’ answers. Once on the job, their hands-on skills and work ethic are at the highest level. We get good feedback about employees’ attitude from customers—I look at the names and they are MTTI graduates.”

Larry handshake with student
If you are looking for a meaningful career, that will give you a great livelihood and financially support your family—don’t wait.

“Now is the time to get into construction and engineering in the HVAC industry. MTTI is a great place to start. I want to hire more MTTI graduates.”

GEM plumbing, founded in 1949, is family owned and operated. Serving commercial and residential clients, GEM offers comprehensive, advanced and effective Plumbing, Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Septic & Drain Cleaning services in New England. Gem continually strives to provide the best in customer service coupled with the most knowledgeable plumbers and service technicians in Rhode Island. GEM is proud to be a Green Company.The Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation was established in 2004 in memory of their mom who died from this horrific disease. 100% of the net proceeds remain in the local community and Gem donates a portion of the proceeds from every service call to the Foundation.  

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