Darien Fortes

2017 Computer Service Technician/ Network Installer Graduate
Jr. Network Engineer at PacketLogix

“I got real-world training at MTTI. After completing the Computer & Networking program, I am pursuing an exciting career that enables me to make a really good living. At MTTI you are not just a student—you are someone with potential. MTTI is a steppingstone to a better future.”

Darien Fortes
I’ve always loved working with computer technology.

While still in high school, I taught myself software programs and how to edit audio and video. I didn’t second guess myself when deciding what type of career training to take. I toured multiple schools and chose to enroll in the Computer & Networking program at MTTI.

MTTI is more about quality than quantity; I enjoyed the small class size.

In High School I had 30 kids in some classes. Having one-on-one help from the teacher was difficult. At MTTI, the instructor walked around during lab to provide help–even the quiet students got his attention

Darien Fortes MTTI Computer Tech Graduate
Boris, my instructor, really cared about my success.

He worked with me to overcome my challenge with taking tests. I knew the answers, but when I read the test questions, I put too much pressure on myself. I would overthink the answers and second-guess myself.

Boris encouraged me to trust my initial response to test questions.

He read questions out loud until I learned to be a better test taker. My course grades improved. Now employed in the industry, I am comfortable taking tests to earn vendor certifications.

MTTI teaches you the terminology to talk about technology with clients.

Customer Service skills are essential to success in technology careers. Running my own DJ business, taught me the power of dealing well with people. Whether you are in a help desk position, communicating with customers on the phone—or a field tech, talking with clients in person—you have to be able to find out from them what the problem is and what happened.

MTTI taught me to work on a larger, more complex scale, with bigger companies and more corporate environments.

When I am on a vendor’s site, I can quickly research information about their system. Because of my training, I know what I am looking up. There are times when configurations are done incorrectly. I am able to identify what went wrong and fix the issue to go forward.

Immediately after graduating I worked as a contractor.

When I interned at Packetlogix, they didn’t have an open position. My first contract position was as Help Desk Support for a large corporation.  My next contract was as a Field Tech. I traveled to different companies, resolving anything from installing PCs to replacing multiple switches. Although valuable experience, I wanted a networking position.

Packetlogix contacted me again about six months after internship.

They offered me a contract opportunity with the potential for hire. When someone left, I was hired in a permanent position.

PacketLogix is a smaller company in its number of employees—but not in its size or scope of projects.

I get a lot of varied experience working on larger, high end projects. At St. John’s Preparatory School, for example, we set up wireless for eleven buildings in two weeks. By replacing existing access points and adding new ones where needed, we built them a network.

I worked on the network PacketLogix installed for the NBA.

The National Basketball Association’s Headquarters in New York and New Jersey relies on us for strong, reliable wireless network support so they can broadcast video nationwide. They pipe live footage in from every broadcast camera, in each of the NBA’s 29 arenas, and quickly send edited replays back throughout the games.

PacketLogix specializes in wireless installation, maintenance and upgrade.

Because I continuously make extra efforts to learn our vendor’s products, I can confidently say to my boss, ‘You can put me on any Cisco Meraki project.’ Knowing he can send me out on my own makes me a more valuable employee.

Less than a year out of school, I am realizing my goal to work in networking.

Networking is the future. What I learned in MTTI’s program, and during internship, has given me the ability to jump into new projects.  Earning Vendor Certifications has helped me move up quickly from Wireless/Telecommunications Specialist to Junior Network Engineer—and to receive a raise even before my six month review.

More than getting another job, I am proud that I am building a career.

I’ve never had difficulty getting hired for a job.  After completing the Computer & Networking program, I am pursuing an exciting career that enables me to make a really good living.

I got real-world training at MTTI.

I don’t regret my choice to go to a tech school instead of getting a college degree. As I show more proficiency in configurations, my pay increases. I’m in a company where the CEO cares about, and supports, my success. I’m learning so much working on-the-job; my professional growth is unlimited.

At MTTI you are not just a student—you are someone with potential.

They bend over backwards to help you accomplish your goals. MTTI is the place where they teach you what you expect and more. MTTI is a steppingstone for a better future.


Photo above left: Darien at MTTI during the week that Computer & Networking students cross-train in Data Systems Cabling.

Terrence Boylan, CEO

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