Adamarys Sierra

Adamarys Sierra

2023 Medical Assistant Graduate
Medical Assistant in OBGYN at Hawthorn Medical Associates

The Medical Assistant training, with assistance from Career Services, helped me achieve my dream of working in OBGYN. Proud to be Puerto Rican, of Hispanic heritage, I am the first in my family to complete a post-secondary career program. I hope to inspire other Hispanic and Latino students to overcome barriers to achieve their educational and career goals.

Lots of young people say, “When I grow up, I want to be a doctor.”

That’s honestly what I have always wanted to do. Even as a little girl, I dreamed about being a doctor, working in obstetrics with pregnant women. After my sister-in law, Natalia, graduated from school, she told me all about her experiences as a Medical Assistant. I was intrigued. I couldn’t wait to go school and start my own career.

I wanted a quick program; MTTI’s Medical Assistant program takes only 7 months.

My friend, Kiara, attended the Medical Assistant evening program. She told me the program is very hands-on—and fun—they were doing something in the lab every day. Nervous when I first came to tour the school, Amy, the Admissions Representative, explained everything about the program to me. Her kindness calmed my nerves.

I hadn’t been a very good student in high school.

I would cut classes and even skip school some days. When I enrolled at MTTI, I knew what I wanted in a career. Passionate about the medical field, I was motivated to take the Medical Assistant classes very seriously.

My instructor, Ms. Kelly, genuinely wants her students to succeed.

She has a heart of gold. Just her presence made me want to come to school each day. Although I enjoyed reading the textbooks, the medical language can sometimes feel foreign. Ms. Kelly would break everything down to help us see a question in a different way. Having her explain and demonstrate the skills made them easier to understand.

My favorite skill was phlebotomy.

I gained confidence practicing on the ‘fake arm’, but knew that drawing blood is different on each person. The first time I drew blood ‘live’, was from Ms. Courtney, the Medical Assistant Department Chair. Ms. Courtney has high standards, so I was really nervous—shaking and sweating the whole time. But after getting it right that first time, I knew I could draw blood from anyone.

I had hoped to intern where there was an opportunity to be hired.

My friend Kiara’s sister told me that Hawthorn Medical has a very good work environment. I talked with Shawn in Career Services and he sent me a list of their open positions. When I met with Sheila in HR, she was very helpful. She explained that they have a program that would pay back to me the tuition I had paid to MTTI.

I enjoyed every day of internship, feeling like I was training for my job.

I was doing patient intakes, taking vital signs, including blood pressure and weight. I assisted the doctor with procedures and took specimens to the lab. I was hoping for the opportunity to work in OBGYN. But when I spoke to the manager, she said there wasn’t a position available. I applied to work at a family practice, and was in the process of being hired.

I was surprised when Rhea from Hawthorn Medical called me.

“We have a position for you here in OBGYN. Are you still interested?” I had understood there were no openings, so I wondered if she was joking. She explained, “We made an exception for you.”  They had been looking for a nurse for one of the providers. Rhea talked with the CEO, and told her how well I had done during internship. They decided to hire me instead of a nurse. Now I am Dr. Caron’s Medical Assistant!

I am looking forward to caring for patients in Obstetrics.

Working in Gynecology, I assist with endometrial biopsies and help out with colposcopies. Sometimes I assist the doctor with NEXPLANON® removals and IUD insertions or removals, or a vulvar biopsy. Obstetrics requires more in-depth knowledge and training to help with pre-natal exams and pregnant women, as they approach the birth of their babies. Hawthorn Medical plans to cross-train me so that I will be able to work in Gynecology and Obstetrics.

I am excited to be a Registered Medical Assistant (RMA).

Everything I learned at MTTI helped me pass the Registered Medical Assistant exam. The actual exam was more difficult than the qualifying exam we took at school—but the practice, plus studying my class notes, prepared me well.

During a difficult time for my family, I thought I might drop out of school.

In the hospital, my grandmother’s liver and kidneys were failing. The doctors could no longer do anything for her; she refused dialysis and chose to go into hospice. She wanted die at home in peace. The last time she was conscious, I told her I wanted her to be at my graduation. She said she loved me and was proud of me—she would try to be there.

My grandmother did not live to see me graduate.

I’m thankful for the support that my boyfriend, my mom, and my dad gave me—they encouraged me to stay in school. I had to believe my grandmother’s passing had happened for a reason. Her pride in me pushed me to keep going. I wanted to make something of myself to honor how much she loved me. I persevered and finished school.

I love having a career and a full-time job.

Talking with patients, gaining their trust, building a relationship with them, and also working with the provider, makes me feel good. I enjoy working at Hawthorn Medical; I like knowing that I am needed there. I’m taking more responsibility at home, helping out with some of the bills and saving up to buy myself a new car.

I see my future as being very bright.

I have the ambition to achieve more for my future. Right now, I love being a Medical Assistant. Hawthorn Medical has a program that will pay for me to train as a nurse. I want to continue my education, take the NCLEX exam, and earn my nursing license. I might even go on to someday become a Physician Assistant (PA).

I am the first in my family to complete a post-secondary education.

I’m proud to be Puerto Rican, and of Hispanic heritage. Attending and completing the Medical Assistant program made my parents very proud of me. I hope my success will inspire other Hispanic and Latino students to overcome barriers and achieve their educational and career goals.

Focus on your future, especially when you have doubts or a difficult day.

At MTTI, you’ll have support from your classmates, instructor and Career Services. If you have the drive and passion to be a Medical Assistant, you will succeed. All the hard work you put in will pay you back with a career you love.