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Residential / Commercial Electrician Program

Interested in Training For An Electrician Career In RI or MA?

Would you enjoy a career working with your hands while troubleshooting and solving technical problems? A career as a Residential and Commercial Electrician may be right for you. Electricians are highly respected professionals whose services are essential to both homeowners and commercial organizations.

Train for a new career in as little as 7 months!

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Days: 30 Week Program (900 Hours)
Evenings: 75 Week Program (900 Hours)
28 Credits by US Dept. Of Education Method
30.5 Credits by ACCSC Method

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In just 30 weeks you can learn:

  • Introduction to the Industry
  • Material and Hardware Used in the Electrical Trade
  • Basic Electrical Theory
  • National Electrical Code (Residential)
  • Commercial Wiring
  • Solar Systems, Electrical Motors & More

Each Day Is Different

Electricians work both indoors and outdoors. Unlike a desk job, electricians often travel to a different worksite each day. Electricians may work in private homes, businesses, industrial facilities, telecommunications and security companies; at constructions sites and on solar and wind installation projects–even in the marine industry, keeping a ship’s electronics in proper working order. Depending on the job, Electricians may install electrical components, equipment and systems, make repairs; test electrical and electronic equipment and systems; and even plan the layout of construction projects. 

Learn By Doing

In the classroom,  you’ll study electrical theory, safety, blueprint reading and applications of the National Electrical Code in residential settings. In the shop, you’ll install electrical panels, breakers, grounding, fuses and residential and commercial wiring variations, plus install and repair switches, lights and alarms, motor controls and electrical motors. Read more about the areas of concentration covered in the Residential and Commercial Electrician program.

In As Little As Seven Months

At MTTI, we stress the importance of hands-on learning; much of your time will be spent in the shop performing the same types of tasks that electricians do at actual work sites. During the 30 week program, you will gain confidence in your ability to use skills required for entry-level employment in the electrical industry. Students attend classes five days a week (Monday – Friday), and a 120-hour internship, to complete the program in seven months.

Tool Bonus

Each student in the Residential and Commercial Electrician program is provided with a professional tool kit to use throughout the program. If you obtain training-related employment within 90 days of graduating the program, you get to keep the tools!*

Apprenticeships and Licensing

For information about electrical apprenticeship and licensing requirements, see an Admissions Representative.

Additional Information

Get more details about the Residential and Commercial Electrician program and MTTI’s tool bonus.

Costs for 2022-2023 tuition, fees and supplies, before any Title IV funding loans are applied are listed on the program’s Consumer Information Page.

View the graduation and employment rates, and median debt of graduates completing this program on the Consumer Information Page for this program.

*See Admissions for the full Tool Bonus Policy

"If you are thinking about attending MTTI—do it. You won’t be disappointed. MTTI takes time and care to get to know each student. The classes are smaller, so there is more one-on-one time than at many schools. This is going to be my life, my career. After an electrical job is complete, I feel a sense of accomplishment. The best thing is, electrical work won’t be phased out. There will always be companies hiring in electric—there will always be jobs."

Brady Snook, 2019 Graduate
Electrical Apprentice at Reilly Electric (RELCO)

"A few months out of school, I know more than most apprentices who have been there two years. The first day on the job, I stayed confident, working off of what I had learned at school. Within a few weeks, the Foreman said, “Brian, you’re running the second floor.” A bit nervous about having to oversee other apprentices, as I showed I could handle it, I was given more and more responsibility."

Brian Lechan, 2022 Graduate
Electrical Apprentice at S&W Electrical

"MTTI taught me about electrical work from the ground up, bringing a complete novice to a level suitable to become an apprentice. If you're looking for a position in the trades, start here. It's worth it to learn the process to be able to navigate the National Electrical Code (NEC) and learn the tools of the trade."

Connor Perry, 2019 Graduate
Electrician Apprentice at BD Electrical Services & Construction, LLC
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