Victoria Posner, 2017 MTTI Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate, Coaches Clients At PumpFit For Celebrity Trainer, Hannah Eden.

Success Stories

Victoria Posner

2018 Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate
Fitness Coach & Brand Strategist at PumpFit Club in Florida
& Trainer/Owner of Train the Terrain


Following in my father’s footsteps, I was working in the jewelry industry.

My father owned a manufacturing company. I was employed by a different jewelry company, servicing big accounts, including JC Penney and Macy’s.

I wasn’t doing anything of value, or helping anyone.

I worked hard and made good money—but felt empty.

People would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up.

Maybe it sounds corny, but it’s my truth—I said I wanted to do something ‘impactful’ that would affect the lives around me and make the world a better place.

Finally, I decided not to just think about it, but to do it.

I left the jewelry industry with the intent find more meaningful work.

I founded Train The Terrain in Rhode Island.

Train The Terrain is a workout experience that combines using the chosen terrain and minimal equipment to create the ultimate fitness experience.  Using outdoor elements, for example a park bench, this high intensity workout helps people shed fat and gain lean muscle mass. I also instructed Jounce (Trampoline) Fitness classes.

I was successful in fitness, but wanted to learn more—and to have the ‘Gold Standard Certificate’.

I commend anyone who furthers their education—whether online or in the classroom. If I was going to invest in training, I wanted to stand apart from those who have an online certificate.

I asked myself, ‘Do I really want to return to studying and taking tests?’

I had just turned 35; maybe was it too late in life to go back to school.

There never was a time, during MTTI’s Personal Fitness Trainer program, when I felt it was a bad decision.

It was of great value to me that the training was live; I had both classroom instruction and hands-on practice.

I benefitted from the guidance of having an experienced instructor.

Chris Raymond told us, “There are no bad questions. He answered every question we asked. If we didn’t get it, Chris found another way to answer the question.

At times, I felt overwhelmed by going to school while working—it was because I cared so much.

I was up late studying most nights. It wasn’t easy working before and after class. I had to write up programs for clients for personal training clients and music for Jounce Trampoline Classes.

I learned I had to get out of my own way.

I can be very hard on myself. Although I aced skills tests in the gym, I needed to study more for written anatomy tests. I had to accept that I can’t be good at everything, and that I needed to take the time to learn things that are more difficult.

At MTTI, I always had all the resources and opportunity to do better.

If I was not doing as well in a particular area, I could stay after school to get additional help.

Knowledge is power. Chris would add “...if used correctly”.

You can learn all of the info—but you have to apply it to have a powerful impact on others—and to help them access their own power.

I contacted Hannah Eden, a celebrity trainer, entrepreneur and philanthropist.

I wanted to intern with someone successful—who goes beyond speaking about it, and is doing it.

She offered me a position as a Coach and Brand Strategist at PumpFit Club in Florida.

I train, teach classes, run the gym’s Social Media and come up with ideas for events that we can do in the community.

It’s never easy leaving those whom you’ve formed a bond with.

I continue to speak with my clients from Rhode Island and still coach a few via Skype and email.

 My Rhode Island clients cheered me on.

After arriving at PumpFit in Florida, Hannah left to run the Ring Road in Iceland to honor a friend of hers, and others who have gone through cancer. She delegated the gym operations to me and another trainer.

I sometimes coach eight classes in a day—back-to-back.

I had to earn the respect of PumpFit Club members. While members were just getting to know me, I could feel they were asking themselves—“who is this person, what does she know?”

I might have been intimidated by the clientele—all of whom had been training with Hannah and the other coaches.

I thought to myself, ‘You earned this spot. You worked your butt off in school—you had better act like it.’

I told club members, ‘I know that I’m new, but I came here—to this gym—for you.’

From that moment forward—everything changed. Afterwards, when I corrected their form, they were willing to listen.

Outwardly, my coaching style is bold.

Inwardly, I’m sensitive and can be a bit timid about confronting others. Chris made us very aware that we had all the tools necessary; we just needed to believe we did.

I never want to be a trainer—I want to be a coach.

Clients learned that I notice the small things and that I am focused on getting the results they want. I try to remember everything about each client—their birthday, or if they just returned from visiting family out of state. I take time to check in with them and relate to them one-on-one.

Now I am taking another leap of faith.

I am launching a website:; Victoria Posner – Find Your Power—is about finding your power within.

Coaching clients, through the website, I’ll serve those who are fit to those struggling with osteoarthritis, like my mom.

Some of us are looking for a program to challenge us to the next level; others are looking for a program to help them stay accountable each day.  The website will have online programs, in the form of e-books, including: “Core Strength” and “Pelvic Floor”.

My program requires very little equipment and can be done from the comfort of home.

The only thing you need to do is FIND YOUR POWER and commit. Be the best version of yourself. You can achieve anything;
you just need to believe you can and GO FOR IT!

I will always stay in my lane, which is fitness.

If I can help someone, I will. If what they need is outside of my scope of practice, I’ll bring someone else in to do that.

Anyone can sign up to go to school and get through.

MTTI prepared me to excel in my career. Chris dotted all of the “I’s” and crossed all of the “T’s. Ali Ring was great at getting people ready for internship. The mock interviews she set up helped me feel I could confidently speak about myself.

I’m happy I chose to go to school at MTTI.

Everyone at MTTI greets you with a smile. It’s nice to come into a place where they know your name and what you are doing. I had the support to push through the tough moments. Coming out the other end—I felt accomplished.

You have to want what you are aiming for—that applies both to school and to fitness.

There is always the risk of not getting to the goal. My life lesson has been to accept that not everything will be easy.

By first accepting where you are, you will be able to move forward.

Keep your focus on the goal. Weather any storm that comes your way—and Find Your Power!


Victoria Posner – Find Your Power –  
Victoria with her MTTI class in the gym
Victoria with Hannah Eden (left) and the PumpFit Trainers
Victoria with Instructor, Chris Raymond, at her graduation