Tom Menchi, Service Director for Toyota of Dartmouth - An MTTI Success Story

Success Stories

Tom Menchi, Service Director for Toyota of Dartmouth

As technology changes, there is such a good future for Automotive Techs.

There will be no shortage of jobs. If anything, the trend towards hybrids and self-driving cars makes the future even brighter.

We need Techs who are skilled in diagnostics.       

Newer cars don’t need  transmission fluid and anti-freeze changes or timing belts replaced. We do less maintenance—but more diagnostics for electrical / electronic repairs.

We’ve done well with students trained in MTTI’s Auto Tech program.

Learn the basics in MTTI’s program and then intern with us. Show us your worth—show up on time, have a good appearance, demonstrate your interest in learning. Ask your supervisor, ‘What can I do for you?’ Learn from the other Techs.

If we like your work, we want to hire you and start training you to work on Toyotas.

We pay for employees to take tests at home—as you pass the tests, we can send you for training to become a Toyota Master Diagnostic Technician. It takes five years to complete—but you can go anywhere in the country with it.

Depending on your willingness to learn—and how efficiently you work— the opportunities are endless.

Put in the time and effort to become both book smart and work smart. As you work towards becoming a Master Diagnostic Technician, your earning potential will be big!


Richard Barth, MTTI Auto Tech Department Head & Instructor

MTTI agrees with how Tom characterizes the changing market. That’s why we’ve included a whole course on diagnosing an engine’s conditions, including:

— Check engine lights
— ABS (anti-locking brake systems)
 — Scan tool use and goals
 —Diagnostic flow charts
 —Connector end views
 —Wiring diagrams

We teach students according to the “fix it right the first time” diagnostic approach that addresses the customer’s complaint and fixes the vehicle right—first time, every time.