Shalem Cabezudo, 2018 MTTI Computer & Networking Graduate, Works at Plainridge Park Casino in Massachusetts.

Success Stories

Shalem Cabezudo

2018 Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate
Slot Technician at Plainridge Park Casino


I came to MTTI with over 30 years of quality control and assurance experience.

I was an Aviation Structural Mechanic in the United States Navy. In recent years my positions involved microelectronics. I worked a series of jobs for great companies—but the contracts were always short-term.

I have a passion for both electronics and computers.

I thought by earning a Certificate, I could get hired into a position that had more stability. I explored training programs, but had difficulty finding one that interested me.

The Computer & Networking program at MTTI caught my interest!

I learned at the Career Center in Fall River that MTTI’s program includes both computer technology and electronics. This training would give me so many different options for IT!

The atmosphere at MTTI has a family-like feel.

When I visited MTTI for the first time, I was impressed by how everyone on staff speaks with you. Even at the Front Desk, they were so willing to answer questions.

My Instructor, Ken, was always able to give me one-on-one assistance.

This made it very comfortable to learn. Ken is so knowledgeable! He will go out of his way to help you accomplish what you need to in the program.

Even though I was not in his class section, the other Computer & Networking Instructor helped me, too.

I could go to Boris with questions. He was right there, and wouldn’t let me go until he was sure I understood his explanation.

My classmates were a great bunch.

We got along well and helped each other when we were in the lab. There is always going to be someone who knows more about a specific aspect of the technology than another.

I completed a Network Technology Internship at Progresso Latino.

A non-profit organization in Central Falls, RI, they take their business seriously and give back to the Community—for example, to women who have cancer. They support other charities, including for children who have muscular dystrophy.

I was nervous at first to be out of the classroom and at a real work site.

When I had some questions, I called Ken. He said, “Google it”.  That was good advice; I’ve since solved many technical problems by “googling”. I gained confidence as the internship progressed. I was able keep Progresso Latino’s PCs and computer systems going. By the end of the internship, I could teach others how to maintain their own systems.

The last weeks of the program were especially challenging.

I was interning, while studying for the A+ Certification exam—and looking for a job!

I made contact with Plainridge Park Casino.

I chose to go in person to drop off my resume.  They liked the customer service and communication skills I demonstrates by making direct contact with them.

I was hired at Plainridge Park Casino two weeks after graduation.

I’m in a position and business environment I want to be in. People at Plain Ridge Park interact with each other professionally. There is an exceptional feeling of equality—Managers, VPs and the President all talk to you on an equal level.  They say, “My office is open—you are welcome to come in anytime.”

MTTI Computer & Networking Graduate, Ashley Duarte, trained me. 

He showed me the ropes. We work well together as a team.

The company wants to train me in their IT operations.

I will do that, after first learning the slot position well. In an IT position I will use skills I learned at MTTI to set up user accounts, monitors and systems and active directories.

The knowledge I got from the program at MTTI paid off.

My boss is impressed with how I am able to analyze a problem and come up with a solution. Another tech was assuming that a faulty component was the problem with a slot machine. I learned at school not to assume that any one area might be the problem—but to check everything. The fault was actually a cable—a wire. When I inspected it visually, I saw a spark. The wire had to be replaced. I did that and it worked perfectly.

The training at MTTI challenged me to use my mind.

I learned at MTTI to look things up online so that I continuously learn more. Every day I read something about technology.  I used to fall asleep after reading a few minutes, but I am excited about technology— it holds my interest.

MTTI is the place to learn and to meet and make friends.

It is a family-oriented environment that will help you get where you need to start or make a career change.

When asked about MTTI, I say, “Go—it will be a very good decision.”

You will not just like it—you will LOVE it!”