Scott Mlynek, 2000 Computer / Networking Graduate and Site Technology Manager at IGT, has an 18-year partnership with MTTI.

Success Stories

Scott Mlynek

2000 Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate
Site Technology Manager at IGT (International Game Technology)


I credit my success in the technology industry to the partnership between MTTI and me. MTTI’s success depends on delivering training that translates into productive careers. I needed quality education to prepare me to successfully enter a new career. 18 years after graduating, MTTI and I continue to benefit from that partnership.

I came to MTTI with limited technology experience.

I served in the US Army for 9 years, troubleshooting mechanical / electrical systems on wheeled vehicles. While in the military, I received some instructor and leadership training. At the time I was Honorably Discharged during 1988, I was a Sergeant E-5.

I wasn’t thinking about changing careers while working in the freight industry.

I made $36,000.00 a year. I was a first time home buyer, and a single parent with shared child custody. I was comfortable, and felt fine with life as it was. 

Then one day, I was injured on the job.

I had to have major back surgery. I was no longer able to return to any employment that required physical labor.

Months of convalescence turned into two years spent healing from the back surgery.

Fearful of losing my home, I understood that I had to find a new career path.

I took the initiative to research several technical schools that offered career education.

I documented the information and presented the choices to the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents (DIA), which oversees the Massachusetts Workers’ Compensation System.

The DIA recognized that I was proactive and eager to get back to work.

They cut through some red tape and helped me enroll at MTTI.  

I graduated from the Computer Service Technician / Network Installer program during 2000.

After graduation, I was hired by the school to work as a lab assistant, helping students practice hands-on the skills taught in the classroom.

Entering into a new career, I expected I would need to step back financially.

Initially I had to take less pay than the salary I had been making in the freight industry. However, it was a life saver compared to living on Workers' Compensation.

The opportunity to assist in MTTI's program helped launch my career as a Technology Instructor.

I gained experience about how to assess individual learning needs and engage students in the lessons that would prepare them for working on the job. I also benefitted from MTTI’s Teacher Training on Lesson Planning, Lab Activities, Learning Styles and Methods of Teaching, Evaluation and Testing, Classroom Management and Motivation plus Curriculum Development and Implementation.  

My decision to start a new career paid off.

During 2004, I was offered a position with GTECH Corporation as a Gaming Technology Instructor. The starting salary was $50,000.00. For the next 11 years, I traveled worldwide—to over 60 countries—delivering training to the company’s customers.

I continued challenging myself to learn new skills for IT and networking—and to excel as a Teacher.

While still in school, I earned the CompTIA A+ Certification. Afterwards I achieved the Network+ Certification through self-study. I’ve since earned additional Certifications as a Master Instructor and Facilitator in the Langevin Learning Services.

In 2018, I continue to work for the former GTECH—now IGT (International Game Technology).

As a Technology Site Manager, I provide services for the State of Massachusetts to obtain revenue from casinos. I feel fortunate to have work that I enjoy—and feel rewarded by a salary that has increased in proportion to my responsibilities and experience.

Ultimately, I owe my success to the partnership between MTTI and me.

I gained knowledge and skills in MTTI’s program that built my foundation in IT and Networking. That foundation, and the opportunity to developed instructional skills at MTTI, helped me secure the position at GTECH / IGT.

Continuing that partnership, I return to MTTI to serve on the Program Advisory Committee.

Having both attended, and assisted in instructing in the Computer and Networking program—plus extensive industry experience—I can offer feedback that helps MTTI continuously improve the program.

I love helping the institution that helped me change my career—and my life. 

I look forward to continuing the partnership as an advisor to the Computer & Networking program.