Ross Allen 2016 MTTI Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate Success Story.

Success Stories

Ross Allen

2016 Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate
Enterprise Customer Support at Cox Business

If you are looking to change your life for the better, and want a new exciting career, MTTI is the place for you.

Before enrolling at MTTI, I was cooking in all different restaurants.

I worked long hours, in stressful environments, and didn’t have health care benefits. When I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease (a chronic inflammatory disease of the digestive tract), I recognized that restaurants were not the ideal place for me to work.

I always found great joy in working on computers on my own.

I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the technology industry. I also recognized that I did not want to go back to school for four years.

I had tried college before.

I had taken some general business courses at the Community College. They weren’t tailored to the ways I like to learn. I wanted a hands-on program that was quicker, without the general studies.

I didn’t know how to build a computer before joining MTTI.

I had technical knowledge, but going through every single component was a great stepping stone to working in the industry.

Small classes made it easy to learn.

In the classroom, if I didn’t understand something, my Instructor, Boris and I would work it out.

MTTI makes everything easy, all the way through the program.

Financial Aid assisted me in setting up a loan, and later, transitioning to paying for it as I left.

I was hired to work at Cox on the first day my class was scheduled to begin internship.

I applied to Cox and interviewed for the position while still in the program. I was a little nervous about the interview, but I was well- prepared for it.

I was used to working to a different beat.

It was a little nerve-wracking going into a corporate organization—400 people compared with 20 employees in the restaurants where I had worked. I was accustomed to working directly with a private restaurant owner. When you are employed by a corporation, you may never meet the owner.

Before accepting a corporate job offer, I suggest thoroughly researching the organization.

Find out everything about it. Talk to people who have worked for them. Know what you are getting into.

My first position was as a Network Support Center (NSC) Technical Specialist I.

In Tier 1, you work as part of a launch team for additional services and products; it is a customer-facing position. I moved up to NSC Technical Specialist Tier II, where we become leaders. Assisting the Tier 1 Representatives.

Recently, I moved into a separate group that deals directly with carriers.

I work with high-end customers, including Verizon and Time Warner, who pay premiums to work with us. I help troubleshoot and support the internet network backbone that delivers data via fiber optics.

Today the internet has hundreds of thousands of miles of cable that span the globe.

These fiber optic cables continuously transmit data between countries. Companies have to work with each other to manage and maintain all parts of the network. Cox will sell or rent another carrier portions of the fiber so that those companies can provide their customers with service. Those carriers do the same for Cox Communications.

You have to find the type of education that works for you.

I chose MTTI because it was a 30-week, lower cost option. The program pinpoints what you need to know to enter into a specific industry—in my case, computer and network support technology.

I was motivated to work as hard I could to get out of the restaurant business.

A shorter, program, focused on preparing me for employment in my chosen industry, was better for me than going to school for four years—not knowing what I was even going for.

I like working for Cox Communications.

I enjoy the people I work with. Working at Cox has stepped me into a more networking-based position. Now that I am not in a customer-facing position, it’s fun working on the architecture of the infrastructure. Everything works on a global scale. I like problem-solving things that could go wrong and resolving problems even before they impact customers’ services.

I wanted a career that paid more than restaurant work.

I have tripled my salary over the two years since I was hired. I appreciate that I have health care benefits and savings. The amount of money I am saving will enable me to move from my parents’ home into a house that I buy for myself.

I don’t think I will miss not having a college degree.

I’ve been able to get my foot in the door. I could always transfer the skills I’ve learned to another opportunity if I needed to.