Rosa Brown, 2016 MTTI Medical Billing & Coding / Office Admin. Graduate.

Success Stories

Rosa Brown

2016 Medical Billing & Coding / Office Administration Graduate
Billing Specialist at New England Medical Billing

Before coming to MTTI, I worked for ten years in retail at Lowe’s.

A friend of mine was thinking about going into the medical field; we talked about it, and I thought, ‘why not’?

I couldn’t wait to go to school.

I did lots of internet research and read all of the reviews about MTTI before enrolling in the Medical Billing and Coding / Office Administration program.

Going back to school was overwhelming at first.

I had been out of school for so long.  Working in retail, I hadn't need to learn computer skills.

My biggest challenge was becoming proficient at using a computer.

I needed to catch up to equal the comfort level of people who had been using computer technology at their jobs or in their lives. Thank goodness MTTI could show me how to use a computer—the office administration part of the program was very helpful for me.

After a month in the program, I felt less overwhelmed.

Students in my class supported one another. With help from the instructors, I was beginning to feel more positive about working on the computer. I learned how to use PowerPoint and other programs. The instructors constantly gave me positive feedback, telling me that I could do anything I set my mind to do.

What I learned during the program could also have helped my family.

I lost my mother and my sister, within four months of each other. I wished I had known, during the 20 years I took care of Mom, what I know now about medical insurance.

When I didn’t pass the Coding exam the first time, it was not the end of the world.

Fortunately, the fee the school pays to the AAPC, for students who qualify to sit for the exam, covers two opportunities to take the test. I felt that I needed more on-the-job experience actually using the CPT codes and modifiers before taking the test again. I feel more ready now to take the test  again.

I was confident I would get a job.

I had faith in the education that MTTI had given me. I also knew that the Career Services Specialist for the program, Ali, would help me with my search.

At the end of internship, I emailed New England Medical Billing to thank them for the opportunity.

There was no open position at the time I completed my internship at NEMB. In my email to the Billing and Operations Manager, I told her how wonderful it was to intern there. I asked her to please let me know about any open positions.

I heard back from the Billing and Operations Manager within one week of sending the ‘thank you’ email.

They were hiring for a Registration position. I accepted the position; I was happy to start at the bottom and to work my way up.

The computer skills MTTI had taught me were essential to the position.

I worked on the computer, inputting data, including patient demographics, into the database. I also used the financial management skills that I learned at school. I would not have known what to do without having attended MTTI!

I like every aspect of being a biller.

My work has now evolved so that it includes billing in addition to Registration. I have my own Doctor’s office to work with; I do the billing for the practice. I love putting in the charges and using the modifiers (procedure codes) we learned in school.

What I love most is the knowledge that I am helping people.

A clinical patient care career wasn’t the right fit for me. I have a tender heart for people when they are suffering. I’d be crying all of the time—and tempted to take home every child and older person who is ill or in pain.

I can best help people from behind the scenes.

If a patient calls us, we try to help them as much as we can. A lot of older patients get confused when they receive a medical bill. I am able to help them understand co-pays and how we use the codes. I’m there to listen to them. If they can’t pay the whole bill, we can work with them by setting up monthly payments.

NEMB is great to work for—especially the people I work with.

My supervisors provide training to help me grow in the job. NEMB is a family-oriented company. They recognize that you have a family outside of work.

Certain qualities are helpful if you are thinking about becoming a medical biller or coder.

Are you ready to work hard? Can you be patient in talking with people and insurance companies on the phone? You will need to enter charges and balance accounts, and be a good problem solver when resolving claims that are denied.

I didn’t know before I enrolled in MTTI’s program that I would love it.

My mind was set on making this my career. I was pleased to find out how much of what I learned can help me to help other people.

My experience at MTTI has been tremendous.

The school atmosphere is very welcoming. All of the people at the school—instructors, staff, other students—are always willing to help. Ali supported us in every aspect of finding employment. Ms. Roc is an experienced, well- educated medical billing and coding teacher: she will go above and beyond for her students. Everyone at MTTI is so friendly and helpful that they make you feel like family!