Raymond Gaule With 2019 Update - An MTTI Success Story

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Raymond Gaule With 2019 Update

2013 Graduate
Desktop Support Specialist, Roger Williams Medical Center / Charter Health Care

On May 5/24/2019, Ray messaged us to share some good news: 
"I just wanted to share some nice updates. May 6, 2019 marked 6 years since I was hired as a Desktop Support Specialist for CharterCARE and I was also the Employee of the Quarter for Q3 2018. Please let everyone know that I say 'hi' and am grateful for everything."










“I encourage anyone who likes computers to take this course. If you think you won’t fit in, as I did before I came to MTTI, there is nothing to be afraid of. The instructors encourage you to ask questions because they want to help you—they want you to succeed.”

After a great Freshman year in High School, Ray’s sophomore, junior and senior years were more troubled.

Ray experienced some personal losses. He found it difficult to communicate with other students and with his teachers. Despite attending summer school, Ray didn’t graduate.

Ray’s difficulties in High School were not related to his intelligence. Ray is actually very talented, especially with anything related to computers. He demonstrated, while growing up, that he could master MS-DOS and later Microsoft Windows 95. He is adept at video games, and easily able to take things apart, see how they work, and put them back together. Ray’s challenge is Asperger’s Syndrome—a condition on the autistic spectrum that makes it more difficult for him to socialize and communicate.

Asked whether he wanted to state in his story that he has Asperger’s, Ray replied, “Yes. I want to be an example to other people who may be afraid to come to school because they also have Asperger’s.”

Ray first looked at MTTI’s computer program in 2007, but didn’t enroll at that time. Instead he worked at Stop and Shop to gain some experience. During 2008, he completed his GED at CCRI in Lincoln. 

Deciding that he wanted to further his education to get a better job, Ray first looked at online colleges. “Because I’m not as good as I would like to be in communicating with others I thought this might be the best choice—maybe a program in video gaming.” He also visited other schools, looking for a program that would focus on computers, but without general education courses. 

When in 2012, Ray visited MTTI again, he had already taught himself a lot about computer repair. The Computer Service Technician/Network Installer program he enrolled in expanded his knowledge about networking and servers. “I also like the coaching at MTTI towards getting the A+ Certification. The school offers a voucher so that students can take the test for free. I passed the test before I graduated; I plan to pursue other Certifications in the future.”

Also important, the school and program offered Ray a supportive network of instructors, students and staff.

“MTTI is a real team atmosphere. The classes are small, and students are all ages—20s, 30s, 40s, 50s—so there is less pressure about ‘fitting in’. There is no competition or bragging—no one laughs when someone fails a test. Everyone in class wants to see the other students succeed. At the beginning, we’re all strangers. Then everyone starts to help one another—by the end of the program, you feel like family.”

Rick in Career Services helped Ray find an internship. “I interviewed for the internship at Roger Williams Medical Center. I was calm about the interview. I knew I had nothing to lose, so instead of worrying about what they wanted to hear, I concentrated on just being myself.”

During his internship at Roger Williams Medical Center, the Help Desk would get a call and send Ray a description of a problem.

“I would go to the department that had called to resolve the problem. I installed Windows and scanners, physically cleaned out computers, replaced hard drives and worked with virtual machines. I also attended meetings. I really liked interning at Roger Williams, but I didn’t know if there would be a position for me at the end of the 120-hours of internship.” 

“As the internship ended, my grandfather, who had motivated me to go school, came to see me graduate. I am the oldest of eleven grandchildren—the first and only one he was able to see graduate from a higher education institute. Several days after I graduated, he unexpectedly passed away. My first response to the news that my grandfather had passed was to go to the hospital, to be with my grandmother and family as they arrived. I went to the waiting room to collect my thoughts. I thought about what grandpa would want, and how, while he was alive, he encouraged me to volunteer until I found a job.  I sent a text to CharterCARE to find out if they would have me back as a volunteer.” 

“About a month-and-a-half after I began volunteering, I was offered a paid position—my grandfather would have been so happy to see me hired!

I really like being at Roger Williams and want to stay here. Roger Williams will support me in taking additional Certifications and help me continue my education. Today, I took my first call at the Help Desk. Although I like hands-on work, I know I can meet the challenge of communicating on the phone.” 

“I’m confident now in myself and my abilities. Since coming to MTTI, my confidence has gone through the roof because I’ve proven to myself I can succeed.”

“I encourage anyone who likes computers to take this course. If you think you won’t fit in, as I did before I came to MTTI, there is nothing to be afraid of. The instructors encourage you to ask questions because they want to help you—they want you to succeed.”