Paul Poulin of Lincoln - An MTTI Building and Property Trades Course Success Story

Success Stories

Paul Poulin

Paul Poulin of Lincoln, was out of work for a year. Then he was hired for a job in manufacturing, but he wasn’t happy. “I was sick of that,” he said, “and I didn’t want to end up same boat (as I was in before).”

When he checked out the Building and Property Trades course at MTTI, he said, “it looked good and it looked like what I wanted to do.”

He said instructor Pat Church “is a heck of a carpenter.” Poulin also praised the staff and the facility, and said “(owner) Ward (Ring) seems like a heck of a nice guy.

After he graduated from the program, the economy led Poulin to rethink his plans to work for someone else. He decided to become a subcontractor. The skills he learned helped him set up his own business."I did a lot of side jobs myself. The first one was the exterior of an old ranch in Cumberland."

Poulin said, “I found I could make more working for myself, although things seem to be picking up now. Now (November 2010), I'm working as a subcontractor, building a McDonalds in Maynard, Massachusetts."