MTTI Medical Billing & Coding / Office Administration Instructor, Janet Roccabello,

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*Janet Roccabello, Instructor

Meet 'Ms. Roc', Medical Billing and Coding / Office Administration Instructor

“Mrs. Roc is an experienced, well-educated teacher in medical billing and coding; she will go above and beyond for her students.”  

Rosa Brown, 2016 Graduate 

Janet Roccabello came to MTTI with extensive healthcare industry experience.

She is a Certified Professional Coder, Certified Medical Chart Auditor and Certified Healthcare Instructor. She has held professional positions at multiple Rhode Island community health centers, including as a Site Administrator, Practice Manager and Operations Director.

She is a highly experienced instructor and curriculum creator.

Janet developed and delivered an online billing and coding curriculum. She taught live classes at local career and technical schools, and supervised, at one of the schools, medical billing & coding and medical assistant programs. As a core instructor at MTTI, Janet teaches the entire program: medical billing and coding, ICD 10, CPT, Hospital Coding, HIPAA, Electronic Health Records, law & ethics and office skills. Janet re-wrote MTTI’s billing and coding program curriculum, giving attention to feedback from employers who have interned and hired our students. “I am very proud of the changes I have brought to MTTI’s program from my thirty years in Practice Management.”

Affectionately called 'Ms. Roc', Janet says, "I believe that one size doesn’t fit all." 

“I teach every student as I would want my own children to be taught. If I feel that the way I presented something wasn’t right for a particular set of students, I will go back to the drawing board and come up with a better way to communicate the information. The next day, I will re-teach that material so that they understand it before we go forward.”

2015 Graduate, Kayla Garafano said, “Ms. Roc always had our back when we were struggling.”

“It wasn’t easy to learn anatomy and codes. She had a unique way of teaching—for example, having us play charades to learn anatomical terms. The most difficult unit was coding for cardiology—but it was one of Ms. Roc’s favorite topics to teach; we made flash cards to learn the terms.”

2018 Graduate, Ter’esa Phillip, says she knew in the first week she had made the right choice.

“The other students in my class had nothing but positive comments about the school, the teacher, and the Medical Billing and Coding program. Still, there were times when I felt ready to throw in the towel. Even though I had a medical background, the course wasn't easy. From the first day of class, Ms. Roc instilled in us that if we dedicated ourselves to our studies, we would pass the class.”

Danielle Joly, 2019 Graduate, found Ms. Roc easy to talk with.

“Right away, we had a good connection. Ms. Roc really listens to understand who you are. She told me the course would be difficult, and would require a lot of studying. She delivered on her promise that coding would be challenging to learn—but that she would make sure we understood it.” Ms. Roc responds, “I believe if you want it badly enough, you will do what you need to do to be successful. If you are willing to work hard and not give up on yourself, I won’t give up on you.”

She explains, “The program prepares you for a range of career choices."

"As a Medical Billing & Coding / Office Administration graduate, you can become, with experience, a billing specialist, a coding specialist and in some positions, you can do both. You can also become an auditor. Or, as a Medical Front Desk professional for a physician’s office or health center, you can make a real difference. Graduating from this program, you will have an understanding of the full process. You will recognize a ‘bad’ birth date, or a missed digit in the insurance number, or missing information—for example, who is responsible for the bill. By being more accurate at the front, you will positively affect the whole billing process right to the end.

Her students’ success is a testament to Ms. Roc’s instruction.

Ter’esa Phillip said, “She drilled into us all of the information we needed to work in the industry and to prepare us for the Professional Coders exam." Danielle Joly adds, “Ms. Roc built my confidence—not only academically, but her teaching helped transform me personally. I have become more certain about my abilities and what I bring to others. MTTI’s program is challenging but fun. I would do it all over again." Kayla Garafano offered, “Instructors at MTTI have the experience—they are not just teachers, they were—or still are—working medical billers & coders. They give you the one-on-one hands-on experience to do what they do. You don’t find that at many places.”

All of the graduates agree with Ter’esa Philip: “Ms. Roc made learning fun.”

Ms Roc says, “Learning should be fun. I’m a big fan of Lady GaGa and Queen. I’m not afraid to be a performer. I’ll dance in a skeleton costume if that helps my students remember the names of the 206 bones in the human body.” MTTI Staff can attest to her gifts as an entertainer—dancing in her skeleton costume, she’s wowed everyone with her performance in two of MTTI's 'year-in-review' videos, shown at the company's Christmas Parties!


Ter'esa Phillip, 2018 Graduate, working with Ms. Roc at the computer in the classroom.
Ms. Roc in her skeleton costume teaching students the musculoskeletal system.