Auto Service Tech - Mechanic Success Story - MTTI Graduate Chris Washburn

Success Stories

Chris Washburn

2006 Automotive Service Technician Graduate
Automotive Service Technician at L & S Automotive in North Kingstown, RI

Chris was always tinkering with cars. He came to MTTI in 2006, after he was laid off from the textile industry.

"I really didn't know where I was going. The fact that MTTI had good placement made me feel confident I would get a job."

"The time spent in the garage helped prepare me," said Chris, "and people at Bald Hill Dodge in Warwick, where I interned, were helpful, too.  While in school he networked to find a job, and was hired right after graduation at a private garage. Through that job he met Lenny, Sr. LaFleur, the owner of L & S Automotive. Chris first worked for Lenny in Coventry, and then at L & S in North Kingstown, RI. 

"MTTI was updating the curriculum even as I was there, which is good. You have to keep up with the times. If you want a good job, MTTI will prepare you for it, and assist you in finding it. MTTI wants everyone to succeed."

In 2016, Chris continues to work at L & S Automotive; he is now Lenny's Lead Technician.

Lenny said about Chris, "In the case of one of my key employees, who is an MTTI grad, he walked through the door and moved right in. He knew how to show up on time and he was trained technically. When it comes to Auto Technicians, MTTI does it the right way."