Britney Merrigan, 2015 MTTI Medical Billing and Coding Graduate Success Story.

Success Stories

Britney Merrigan

2015 Medical Billing and Coding / Office Administration Graduate
Account Associate at Priority Management Group (PMG) in Pawtucket, RI

"If you are there for the right reason—to learn—you will benefit from attending MTTI. This is not an easy course. You will have late nights studying and long days coding. However, the abilities you take away from this program are worth it. I worked really hard for seven months to earn my Diploma—and now I have a career out of it."

Shortly before deciding to attend MTTI, I completed a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training. The last week of my training, during which I was at a medical site practicing patient care, I recognized that working as a CNA was not for me.  A single mother, with a two year-old child, I wanted more stability and better hours—not long hours on my feet. 

The Fall River Career Center gave me a choice of three locations to go to school.

I took my time to check them out. I wanted to make sure that the program I chose to attend would be at a legitimate, accredited school.

I brought my daughter with me when I met with Cheryl, the Admissions Representative for the Medical Billing and Coding program at MTTI. She was awesome—she welcomed me and my daughter and made the enrollment process easy.

Initially I was intimidated.

I felt nervous  about being in the program, because I didn’t know anything about billing and coding. I had 1,000 flashcards for study—but worried about which 50 questions would actually be on the test.

Although it felt stressful at times, I did well.

I learned a lot about time management and also to not let myself get too stressed to the point of no return. I recognized that I am one person—I can’t absorb everything all at one time.

By the program’s end, I was proud of myself.

It wasn’t easy to live off of the financial means I had and to balance school—plus take care of my child. My (now) fiancée was supportive, reminding me to rest when I got to the point in studying that I couldn’t learn any more.

The instructors were helpful.

Ms. Roc and Ms. Heather were informative, patient and kind. The girls in my class were awesome; we all supported one another and felt accomplished at the end.

Initially I wanted to shadow and intern at PMG, but ended up shadowing at an orthopedic practice.

I interned in the Occupation Health Department at Sturdy Memorial Hospital. They were super helpful in showing me things about billing. I loved interning there, but it was too far a distance from home to commute every day.

As school ended, I was searching for a job. I interviewed at one place in Providence.

Ali, my Career Services Representative, was a great contact for employment. She remembered that I had interviewed with PMG for an internship. She connected me with Renay in HR; I interviewed and was offered the position. At the same time, the place in Providence where I had interviewed also offered me a position.

I chose PMG, feeling the work culture  was a better fit for me and my family.

I appreciate how well they treat their employees—both in taking time to train us and in providing a positive community. We enjoy company outings to the State Park Picnic and a Christmas/ Holiday party every year.

I work on the billing side at PMG.

I do see my former classmate, Kayla (Garafano), who also works at PMG. She makes sure we are compliant by arranging our required yearly HIPAA training. If I have a coding issue, I can email Kayla.

My original title was Revenue Cycle Management Support.

After 6 months I became an Account Associate (Junior Account Manager). As the company’s structure has changed, my position also changed. Initially I took care of everything clerical for a few individual accounts. Now  we are organized into teams; each team works with a different practice management system, according to the system our clients have chosen to use. I help clients ensure that our clients’ payments and charges are taken care of. 

This is a profession you can grow in—the billing industry is always evolving.

As long as you work hard you can grow with it.

Attending MTTI was a positive experience.

Although it is a technical school and not a college, it isn’t a place where you can slack off. The teachers and staff take education seriously. They will help you excel in the subject you are training in—and they will help you find a job—but you need to be able to do the work as well.

I know plenty of people who graduated from 4-year colleges and now make less money than I do.

This is especially important when you have kids. It surprised me how tough the program was—much more challenging than the CNA course I completed. MTTI is college enough for me!  I worked really hard for seven months to earn my Diploma—and I have a career out of it.

If you are there for the right reason—to learn—you will benefit from attending MTTI.

The abilities you take away from this program are worth it.