Ashley Perna - An MTTI Success Story

Success Stories

Ashley Perna

2012 Graduate, Building & Property Trades Technician 
Electrician's Apprentice, B. Baptista Electric

" The skills I learned gave me a solid base that I can build on. I would recommend MTTI to anyone interested in learning a new trade. "

I was working in an office doing accounts receivable and was thinking I wanted to find a different line of work.  My mom saw an ad on television about MTTI.  I was interested in finding work in the construction trades.  I went to tour MTTI and saw that the building trades program offered a wide variety of construction related training.  They actually have you build a module that includes framing, plumbing, electrical, and finish work.  I decided to enroll.  I had visited another local career college, but they required that I take studies I felt were unrelated to the type of work I was interested in performing.

Getting back into the classroom life was difficult at first.  I was nervous, but excited that I had chosen to attend school again. 

The best part was that I was in a class, working with people who had the same interests as me, and we had fun learning these new skills together.  The instructor was great. He would drill everything into our heads.  I could tell he cared about our success. Being in the program everyday helped get me used to what it would be like to work in the industry. There was a great deal of hands on training time.

I found that I was very interested in the electrical portion of studies, so I began searching for an internship with an electrical company.

I wanted to secure the internship early so I made some calls and B. Baptista Electric interviewed me, and signed my internship agreement a month ahead of time.  When I started on the job site I knew I had made the right choice.  I was working with three electricians running wires, reading electrical plans and making connections. My supervisor noted that I followed directions well and completed all my tasks correctly and thought I would do well in the field. The owner of the company offered me an electrician’s apprenticeship and I accepted.

I started my apprentice studies in September and will eventually be able to apply and test for a Journeyman’s License.

I have found a career, with a future I like, working in an industry that I love. I know what the other tradespeople on the job sites are talking about because of the training I received at MTTI.  The skills I learned gave me a solid base that I can build on. I am pretty handy around the house, I even built a deck.  I am sure I can find other projects to keep me busy.  I would recommend MTTI to anyone interested in learning a new trade.