Stephen Lombari, 2016 MTTI Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate coaches clients a two locations.

MTTI Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate, Stephen Lombari, demonstrating the use of kettlebells.

Stephen Lombari2016 Personal Fitness Trainer

Stephen Lombari

2016 Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate
ACSM Certified Fitness Trainer / Personal Trainer at Fitness Together in Barrington Rhode Island / Rhode Island Country Music Celebrity

“I used to spend work time in boring, mind numbing meetings. Now I’m an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, teaching Cardio Boxing / Boot Camp classes, and delivering one-on-one trainings. I’m grateful to MTTI and for the help and guidance of my Instructors.”

"Stephen has been a tremendous team player whose energy, passion and dedication not only affects the clients positively, but also the staff."

— Matt Gagliano
Owner of Fitness Together-East Bay

I’ve always had a love of fitness.

I thought about getting into fitness as a career for quite a few years before enrolling in MTTI’s Personal Fitness Trainer Program. I considered taking a Home Study Ace course, but I am not good at teaching myself.

I drove by MTTI and saw on the sign that they were enrolling for the next class.

I met with Cheryl in Admissions; she overviewed the program and introduced me to the Personal Fitness Trainer Instructor, Chris.

I sat on it for a while.

I considered that I needed to work full-time. However, I had some money saved from my Disc Jockey jobs; I could continue working nights at the nightclub.

Finally I felt it was a good time to start school.

I worked with the Financial Aid Representative to determine what aid I qualified for and then signed up.

The first challenge I encountered when I walked in to the classroom was my age.

I realized I was the oldest student in the class by at least 13 years—and as much as 20 years—compared with some of the youngest students!

In some ways, I think my age was an advantage.

I have work experience in banking and have lots of experience providing customer service to people. Over the years I have worked in lawn care and residential weed control during the day. For nine years I worked three nights a week, as a DJ in nightclubs. I’ve run an office, and currently manage a band--the COUNTRY MILE BAND—in which I am a lead singer. All of this experience translates into building fitness clientele and providing them the best possible service.

I hadn’t been in school for 28 years.

The instructors, Chris and Ryan, and the way the curriculum had been designed, made it easy for me to get into ‘student mode’ again. It really helped to have everything broken down, and to go step-by-step.

We jumped right into Anatomy—I had to learn how to learn again.

I had moments of frustration, but Chris and Ryan kept me on track with their encouragement and knowledge. When I came to MTTI I had been working out for so long that I had basic exercises in my brain--but I’m a perfectionist about program design. Learning how muscles work and how the body moves has improved my ability to plan exercises for others. During school I had the opportunity to practice designing programs and to learn from the programs that my classmates created.

My drive to help other people achieve better health and fitness grew out of my own experience, early in life, of being unhealthy and out of shape.

I remember what I felt like when, in my senior year of high school, I weighed 300 pounds! After I graduated, I worked out for about 2 ½ years to reduce my weight to about 180 pounds. Since that time, I’ve always been physically active.

Now at Fitness Together, my personal passion for fitness helps me motivate and encourage my clients.

We’re not an ‘iron gym'. We’re not trying to do body building; we are more about functional training. We serve everyone—moms and dads and grandparents—not just body builders. We have clients in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s—even 80s. Our equipment includes medicine balls, resistance bands and stability balls. I’ve also earned my TRX qualifications so that I can teach TRX Suspension Training classes.

At Fight2Fitness in Pawtucket, I am planning to branch into working with Parkinson’s patients.

The Parkinson’s Place at the gym is the only Rhode Island location offering a national program that uses boxing and fitness training to help Parkinson’s patients counter the symptoms of their disease.

MTTI gave me the opportunity to finally achieve my long-term desire to pursue fitness as a career.

Thanks to the school’s prep for the Certification exam, the internship program and employment placement assistance, I am now, at age 47, an American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Certified Personal Fitness Trainer.

I used to spend work time in boring, mind numbing meetings.

Now I’m working in two different fitness facilities, teaching Cardio Boxing / Boot Camp classes, and delivering one-on-one trainings. Instead of meetings, I attend conferences, talk with fitness professionals and work side-by-side with knowledgeable trainers.

I’m grateful to MTTI and for the help and guidance of my Instructors.

I highly recommend the Personal Fitness Trainer program to anyone who wants to become a Trainer.

Stephen Lombari

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