Ryan DiMaio, MTTI Computer Tech / Networking Graduate Success Story

Ryan DiMaio, 2015 MTTI Computer Tech / Networking Graduate

Ryan DiMaio2015 Computer Service Technician/Network Installer

Ryan DiMaio, 2015 Computer Service Technician/Network Installer Graduate
Technical Support Representative at Amazing Charts

During  2020, Ryan let us know he was working from home during the pandemic, for a new company in healthcare IT. By moving to a new company, he advanced his career. A Technical Support Representative at Interbit Data, Ryan has worked directly with many hospitals dealing with the COVID-19 virus and has personally helped orchestrate delivery of COVID-19 test results and information to thousands of healthcare staff across North America and Europe. Ryan also returns regularly to MTTI to voluntarily serve on MTTI's Program Advisory Committe, helping us keep current the program from which he graduated. Thank you, Ryan!

“Coming right out of high school, I expected that MTTI would have a school-like environment. However, I found that that the program feels more like job training than classroom education. Now that it has been a full year since I started my internship and job at Amazing Charts, it amazes me that I found a wonderful career right out of High School.”

My Senior Project during High School was a mentorship with Cox Communications. I found technology fascinating; I began to think about where I could go to after graduation to pursue a technical career. I looked at Colleges and Tech schools.  I was cautious about 2 and 4-year colleges, because I heard that a lot of people got themselves into debt. Tech schools were more hands-on. I toured MTTI and one other school.

What sealed the deal was when we had a Career Day at my High School.

The MTTI Representative explained that ½ day was spent in the classroom and ½ in the lab—it was the best of both worlds for me. I enrolled and started the program.  People were friendly. Classes at MTTI are smaller, so it felt almost like a family.

I was concerned that other students in my class were turning their computer hobbies into a career.

Some of them had even built their own computer. I had no prior experience—I was starting fresh. I wondered if the class would go too fast for me.

I stopped worrying about being left behind as the class went on.  My instructor, Ken made sure everyone understood what he was teaching. He would stop moving forward during the lesson until everyone was on the same page.

There was no division between people who came with experience and those who did not—I could ask anyone a question and they could ask questions of me. Everyone seemed to be learning something new to them. As the program progressed, the distinction was more between those who were making efforts in their work and those who were not--but it was never about age or background.

I worried about not having any customer service experience. 

I had worked at Stop and Shop, but not directly with customers. I had to draw upon my personal experience in relating to family and friends. MTTI gave me a lot of tools by having me interact with people in the class, instructors and other staff and students at the school.

Every day at MTTI is hands-on.

We worked on computers brought to us for repair or upgrades by students in the school.  While troubleshooting and resolving issues—for example testing to determine if software was corrupted or hardware had failed—Ken let you work it out for yourself. He would be on hand to make sure you didn’t compromise the system—ready to help— but allowing you to move through the procedures. This style of leaning really worked for me.

I also attribute my success to the Career Services Representative, Rick. He was diligent in making sure he gave us all the information he could about job search and interviewing, and in offering leads. He helped every student in the program achieve their goals.

During my internship search, I interviewed at Amazing Charts—and with CVS.

The work situation at both places was similar—talking on the phone with clients, discussing problems. When I interviewed with CVS, I felt confident I could do the job. If I went with CVS, I could walk to work.  So why would I drive all the way to North Kingstown for an internship or job, when I had the  opportunity to work right near my home?

Amazing Charts has a comfortable environment. Everyone is helpful—and everyone dresses casually. We can exchange information with one another and I can ask anyone a question. It felt very much like being in the computer program at MTTI.

I started employment on the first day of my internship.

I was under contract for six months; if I worked out, my position would become permanent and I would be eligible for a raise.

Amazing Charts works with medical organizations all over the country—including Alaska and Hawaii. Initially, we were working on the ICD-10 update. Amazing Charts’ software is simplified and user friendly for primary care and specialty practices. We have a huge library of videos for medical professionals to learn from—and my associates and I provide support.

A lot of my success is in being good at listening to, and following what clients are saying.

I have them walk me though their processes. I listen to understand what the issues are, and what could be causing them. Trying to figure out what is causing the problem is like solving a mystery—I feel like I am doing detective work. The investigative work keeps it fresh and exciting.

I get to listen to and talk with some highly educated people. They are extremely knowledgeable about the medical field—but not necessarily about computers and software. I learn from them about how their medical operations work, including the workflow at their primary or specialty medical practices. In turn, I provide them with the information and problem resolution to ensure that the Amazing Charts software serves the needs of their practice.  

Now that it has been a full year since I started my internship at Amazing Charts, it amazes me that I found a wonderful career right out of High School.

The people here are fantastic—we are able to work together so compatibly. The workplace fits my personality so well!

I hope to encourage other young folks like myself to consider the technical training route. I thank my instructor, the Career Services Representative, and the school for what you have done for me—I will always be ab advocate for MTTI.

Founded in 2001 by a practicing family physician, Amazing Charts, LLC provides Electronic Health Record (EHR) software and services to primary care and specialty outpatient practices. Our mission is to patient health outcomes and professional satisfaction through affordable, practical, and proven medical education and software technology.

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