Mark Chauvin, 2017 MTTI Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate Success Story

Mark Chauvin, 2017 MTTI Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate

Mark Chauvin2017 Computer Service Technician / Network Installer

Mark Chauvin, 2017 Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Graduate
Remote Support Specialist at Secure Future Tech Solutions

“When I made the decision to leave college, because I needed to earn a living, I thought I had given up on my dream. MTTI gave me a strong knowledge of the field and helped me get a great job.”

Before coming to MTTI, I had taken classes at CCRI in software engineering. It was a transfer program to Rhode Island College (RIC). If I had attended school for 4-5 years, I would have earned above an Associate’s degree; I also would have had a large loan to repay.  Programming wasn’t really what I wanted to do—staring at a screen for 10-hour days with no social interaction. I wanted a career where I could be working with computers, but also interacting with people.

I was offered a job managing in food service; I made the decision to leave school.

There was no time to continue taking classes—I was on call 24/7. I believed I had given up on my dream to work in a technology career. Over the years, food service management became less and less fun. I was running on my feet non-stop from 5 am to 4 pm, six days a week. I went as far as I could go in the company—and in the industry in Rhode Island. Food or retail in general, was not financially sustaining for me. 

I began thinking long-term and looking at career options.

I couldn’t afford to go back to college for 3-4 years. But I could live super tight for months to get through a short-term career training school program.

I found MTTI while searching online for local technical schools.

Friends of mine who knew about MTTI had a positive impression of the school. I met with a Financial Aid Representative to find out what assistance I qualified for; the loan I would need to repay was very affordable.

I was concerned that, because I had a strong technical background, the program would be too basic for me.

Even from a young age I was taking apart computers. My Aunt, who has a technology background, taught me a lot. At the same time, I knew there were gaps in my knowledge. When I toured the school and saw the giant server rack in MTTI’s Computer Lab, I recognized that the program goes well beyond the basics. The seven-month program is more like a two year college program—packed with information.

I loved MTTI’s Computer & Networking program all the way through.

Everybody at MTTI is friendly and nice; it’s an overall good environment. Whatever questions you have, the Instructors are there to help you out. I also made many friends. A group of us stayed in touch; we continue to hang out together.

I liked the focus on earning CompTIA A+ Certification.

The program starts at the beginning for people who have no technology background. However, when I completed work ahead of schedule, the Instructors, Ken and Boris, gave me additional assignments. You can take full advantage of the program by putting in extra effort to get ahead, which is a great way to prepare for going to work.

The only time I felt nervous was when I was getting ready to look for an internship.

I dreaded the search process, but the results were encouraging. MTTI expects students to fully participate in the search; we went out and dropped off resumes at employers’ locations. The process helped us get over our fears about making direct contact with employers.

Career Services helped me write a professional resume.

I was surprised by how important customer service experience is to employers. If you are working in any retail or food related operation, it will help you get hired in computer tech support positions. Career Services also introduced me to employers who visited the class to talk about internships and employment possibilities.

I had multiple opportunities for internship—I didn’t have to settle.

Eric Shorr, President / CEO of Secure Future Tech Solutions, visited MTTI and interviewed all of the students in my class; he offered me the internship and I accepted. Eric told me there was a possibility of a permanent position, if I proved myself. Before the end of the internship, I received and accepted a job offer.  Being picked for the internship, and then offered the job, was a huge boost to my confidence.
[Photo - front to back: MTTI Graduates, Hugo Figueroa (2004), Mark Chauvin (2017) and Scott Robinson (2011)]

My primary role is remote support—troubleshooting and repairing clients’ systems.

Initially I did some hardware repair and bench work, which I still do at times. Secure Future Tech Solutions provides services to small and medium-sized businesses, including law firms and property management organizations. Both remotely, and at clients’ sites, I set up printers, set up new email users or manage existing ones, set up servers and new domains. I patch computers to protect against viruses.

Understanding what the client is asking you to do is not always as easy as it sounds.

If I don’t know all of their needs, I am likely to get a call from the client, after I’ve completed the set-up, saying they need access to a certain driver or specific folders.

Lisa Shorr, Co-Owner & Vice President, characterized Secure Future Tech Solutions as a Managed Services Provider.

“An MSP handles a variety of client needs for companies that don’t have their own in-house IT Specialist or Department.”

According to Lisa, “The Technician needs to think like an engineer but communicate to a non-technical person.”

“The Tech really has to ask a ton of questions—even be intuitive—to assess a client’s needs. Often the client is calling with a problem, and is already feeling frustrated. The Tech needs to use investigative and problem-solving skills to understand the issues—and then good communication skills to explain it to the client. Mark has been able to jump in and do this well. ”

Mark is excited to go to work every day.

I don’t feel like I’m just sitting at a desk in a cubicle—I’m interacting with people—working as part of a team to bring critical IT services to our clients. I’m learning so much—in the first two months at Secure Future Tech Solutions, I have doubled my knowledge.

When I made the decision to leave college because I needed to earn a living, I thought I had given up on my dream. MTTI gave me a strong knowledge of the field and helped me get a great job. Secure Future Tech Solutions gave me the opportunity to make that dream come true.  

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