Leeann Grant, MTTI 2016 Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate

Leeann Grant, 2016 MTTI Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate

Leeann Grant2017 Personal Fitness Trainer

Leeann Grant
2017 Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate
Personal Fitness Trainer at Boston Sports Club

"Leeann is smart, educated and always willing to learn. She is doing an amazing job and has a great future in the industry."

— Jeff Nardi
Head Trainer at Boston Sports Clubs

I’ve always loved being an athlete.

At 22, I have been a dancer, gymnast and figure skater. I grew up being coached by Russian trainers who had competed in the Nationals.

I am a single mom to a young daughter.

I might have trained for the Olympics, but I want a career that allows me to take care of my daughter.

Until very recently, I was struggling with domestic violence.

I was being abused by my partner, the father of my baby. Four years of abuse had already ruined my skating career.

MTTI brought back the athlete in me.

My instructor, Chris, helped me by balancing between being supportive of me and encouraging me to work harder. Although sensitive to my domestic situation, Chris didn’t let me slide—he pushed me to maintain better attendance.

I’ve had a competitive spirit since I was a child.

When I enrolled in the Personal Fitness Trainer at MTTI, I wanted to be in the top three in my class. Had my attendance been better, I would have been number one. My grades were high and I worked hard. As I completed the program, I earned the bronze medal for having the third highest combined academic average, skills score and attendance.

The personal development part of becoming a trainer was the hardest part for me.

Competing with others is never a problem; I was always ready for the challenge. Helping others is also natural for me. But I was having a hard time doing things for myself—taking care of myself. Being in an abusive situation took so much out of me. I had to push myself just to go into a fitness center and work out.

I had never worked in sales before.

Chris taught me that selling is an important part of building a Personal Fitness Trainer business. He taught me to overcome objections. Practicing public speaking during the program helps me now as a Trainer, to communicate with and educate clients.

You can’t get clients by sitting around.

You have to talk with them—call and send out emails. You are not competing with someone else. Only you can do this for yourself. Chris told me that I needed to sell my training services if I wanted to be on top as a professional trainer.

At MTTI, studying anatomy challenged my mind and made me grow.

The program was not easy; but Chris is a great teacher—and a great man. He’s so full of knowledge.

Everybody at MTTI works as a team.

I love Ali, the Career Services Specialist. She helped me write my resume and find an internship.

I am now a Certified Personal Trainer through the prestigious American College of Sports Medicine.

The preparation I received at MTTI enabled me to pass the ACSM test; I had the highest score in the class.

In the past, I was always hard on myself.

MTTI helped me be less critical and more accepting of myself. I give myself credit now, for what I have accomplished.

When you feel damaged—inside your soul—it takes time to heal.

Recovering from emotional damage takes much longer than healing from a broken bone.

I deal with a lot of people at BSC.

When clients talk to me about their problems, I recognize that my situation—as painful as it was—was not as bad as it could have been. Things can always be worse.  I don’t feel bad about myself anymore.

Now that I am working at BSC, I’m once again competitive.

I have been working with the Head Trainer, Jeff, who will be leaving soon for a new career opportunity. Jeff initially saw me training at Seekonk Total Fitness, where I worked right after graduation. I am grateful that he offered me the opportunity to work at BSC.

I’m very happy at BSC.

I’m in this to help people. I love all the members and staff here, and also my manager, Sean Fulcher.

We work with a wide range of people at BSC.

Members can be older, younger or in the middle; male or female; athletic, out of shape or recovering from injuries. I teach classes and train one-on one, specializing in flexibility, strength—and for those who can take it, I love to coach them in HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).

I learned a lot at MTTI about pre-season and post-season training for athletes.

I especially love working with people I can push—I love pushing them to achieve their fitness goals. I help people by pushing them the way I was pushed by my coaches.

Sometimes I wish I could take MTTI’s Personal Fitness Trainer program all over again.

Now that my life is in a better place, I would be able to take in all that knowledge and hold it. My best suggestion for future students is to appreciate what the program offers, and take advantage of everything Chris teaches.

MTTI’s hands-on Personal Fitness Trainer program is an amazing experience.

You learn so much. I’ve grown as a person through attending MTTI. I came out of my skin because of activities my instructor, Chris, had us do. Speaking in front of others, communicating and learning how to design programs to meet different client’s needs has given me confidence to work in the fitness industry.

Contact Leeann at:
Boston Sports Clubs
Riverview Place
131 Pitman St, Providence, RI 02906
(401) 351-2449