Family-owned and run Lawrence Air Systems employs MTTI HVAC/R Technician graduates.

MTTI HVAC Graduates employed at Lawrence Air Systems in Seekonk, MA

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Brandon Lawrence, 2015 Graduate & Brendan Dumican, 2016 Graduate
HVAC Service Technicians at Lawrence Air in Seekonk, MA
Photo above (left to right): MTTI graduates Brandon Lawrence, Al Rodrigues, Tony Lombardo, George Langevin, Bryan Ferreira, Brendan Dumican. 


“We consider MTTI more a partner in the trade than a school. They actively seek feedback from contractors to make the program more effective and really tune in to the needs of the industry. Their graduates are well-prepared with practical knowledge and the skills needed to get started and hit the ground running. MTTI has really helped us find quality people to join our team. Everyone there is genuinely invested in the success of each student.” 
—Aaron Lawrence, Owner & Service Manager / Sales Manager

Of 13 Techs—including Owner, Aaron Lawrence and his two brothers, 8 are graduates of MTTI’s HVAC/R program.

Brandon explained, “The Company understands that people right out of school don’t know everything. It’s easier to teach MTTI grads because they come with good basics, so they can be taught our standards. We don’t want a customer’s job to ‘look good from our house’—we want it to look as good as if their house is our home.”

Brandon characterized installation as being mostly about ‘what’—and service as ‘why and how’.

“I like working in service because you meet so many people and see so many pieces of equipment. You troubleshoot and do a lot of thinking and problem solving. If you like to engage in a chess match every time you go into someone’s home, you’ll like service."

For Brendan Dumican, “Service work is about learning new things every day.”

“We see lots of different units; the experience of troubleshooting problems is constantly exciting and challenging. It is awesome.”

As a family member, Brandon grew up in the Lawrence Air company.

“During the summers, while in High School, I worked for my family. I did small tasks like changing filters. In my senior year, I found I liked learning and working with my hands. “

Brandon said, “I wasn’t yet passionate about the HVAC industry.”

“My dad made it clear that I wouldn’t be sitting around the house—I was going to go to work. They had a job opening, so I thought I might as well go into the family business. Now I thank him for giving me the ‘nudge’ to go into this field!”

Brandon chose MTTI as being ‘the most affordable option for training to work in the HVAC industry.’

“The 7-month program also took the shortest amount of time. I didn’t need a Bachelor’s degree—I needed to learn a lot about this field so I could succeed in it—not to have a ‘fall back’ by completing an advanced college degree. Because MTTI is affordable, I was able to give more than the monthly payment amount. I paid back the remaining school loan in the first two years after graduation.  I recently bought my own house.”

Brendan came to MTTI with no prior HVAC experience.

“My background included a lot of Customer Service experience. I’m a people person. Before enrolling at MTTI, I worked as an Assistant Manager for a Car Rental business and as a Park Ranger. I also like working on cars and homes—anything mechanical.”

When Brendan started searching online for HVAC schools, MTTI popped right up.

“I was impressed by the graduation and employment rates. It grabbed my attention that employers come to the school to interview and hire students.”

Brandon and Brendan are thankful for their instructors at MTTI.

Brandon said, “MTTI gave me the groundwork to understand why things are not working and how to fix them. They taught us how to think things through—‘If the customer is having this problem, look into these areas.’ Brendan added, “Ash is very knowledgeable. What he taught us came from real field experience.  I still refer to my course binder and books; they ride in my truck with me every day.”

Both appreciated the skills they gained in resume writing and in learning how to talk with employers.

For Brandon, preparing for interviews translated to improving his customer service skills. “Even though I knew I would be working with the family business, I recognize that I would be worth more to my company if I can keep customers coming back.”

Brandon really started to appreciate the industry while in school at MTTI.

“Because of what my instructors taught me, I can go out in the field and not feel like a ‘deer in headlights’ when a customer asks me a question. Now that I can go out on the road on my own, I know this is what I want to do.  I love the industry.”

Brandon said that what he learned at MTTI helps him educate customers.

“It is gratifying to help customers who have had techs that haven’t been able to resolve problems or give them the best service.  Lawrence Air believes that an informed customer is a better customer. Instead of ‘dancing’, I can tell them, ‘this is what is going on and this is what I can do.’

Brendan’s experience was that, “MTTI makes it easy to get a job.”

“MTTI is a good place to get all of the knowledge you need to go out and work in the industry. When you graduate from college, it is hard to find a job. MTTI assists you in going out to interview at company sites and has great companies coming in to meet students.  

Aaron Lawrence came to MTTI and hired Brendan two weeks after interviewing him.

Brendan explained, “I started work on the first day scheduled for internship. Lawrence Air is a great family-oriented company—they know how to take care of their employees.”

Brandon added, “All of us who work at Lawrence Air are a team.”

“We enjoy the camaraderie. We have a similar sense of humor, and like each other’s company when we are working together on the job.”

Both agreed that, “If you are willing to work hard, the HVAC field offers so much for anyone entering into it.”

Brendan said, “HVAC is an amazing industry. I’m really happy with what I am doing.  My pay is a lot better than I thought it would be. HVAC is high tech—even thermostats today operate on WIFI. Training at MTTI to work in this industry is the best choice I could have made.” 


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Lawrence Air Systems is a leading provider of high efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning installation services. The company is family-owned, family-run company serving Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts since 1973.
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