Jean Delinois, HVAC/R Graduate Success Story

Jean Delinois, 2017 MTTI HVAC Graduate & HVAC Apprentice at ABR Mechanical

Jean Delinois

Jean Delinois
2017 HVAC/R Technician Graduate
HVAC Apprentice at ABR Mechanical in Foxborough, MA

“Jean is an employee who always has a great attitude and is always open and willing to learn more about our products and company. His tenacity is a reflection of the type of people we need in this industry. MTTI has given Jean a great foundation for his education. His work ethic and skills are a mirrored image for what MTTI states they can produce.” — Donald Benoit, Founder/Owner of ABR Mechanical

I was born in Haiti.

After my mom died, I lived with my dad. I met the woman I eventually married in Haiti. When she returned to Haiti after living for a while in the US, we married; we’ve been together for sixteen years and married for seven. 

My wife and I moved together to the United States.

Our goal was that each of us would have good jobs. We made a plan to help each other go to school to train for careers.

We agreed that first I would hold two jobs.

I would support my wife, so she could learn to become a medical biller and coder. Once hired, she would ask for additional work hours to cover our living expenses, so that I could go to school. 

After my wife went to work, I looked online for an HVAC school—MTTI came up first.

I saw that the school is not far from where I live in Fall River, MA. I met with Susan, the Admissions Representative, and then interviewed with Ash, an HVAC/R Instructor.  I knew it would be difficult for my wife while I went to school. But she said to me, “Just go”.

My first week attending school was hard for me.

I worried about my wife having to work extra hours, and how tired she was when she came home. 

By the second week I knew that I loved the school.

I liked learning hands-on in the lab to wire electrical components. I was very excited to be learning about oil. Ash showed us how to clean the nozzle, take it apart, and how to fix it. We also took apart all of the parts of the motor—and then put it back together. 

MTTI was the best place for me to go. 

I wouldn’t want to go to a school where we didn’t go into the lab; I learn by working with my hands. Ash would explain in the classroom, and then say, ‘Let’s go into the lab. Put your hands on it—do it.’ That’s what I like best at MTTI.

Ash understood that English was not my native language. 

He told me, ‘I know you are not from here and your first languages are French and Creole. I’ll speak slowly, so that you can understand me.’ 

My classmates at school were also helpful, especially my friend, Jason.

Sometimes when I didn’t understand something, Jason would explain it and work with me on it in the lab. 

Shortly after I started school, I was in a car accident. 

The airbag exploded in my face and injured my eyes. I missed a whole week of school.

We only had one car after the accident.

I woke up each day at five am to take my wife and kids to work and school. When class ended, at three pm, I would pick up my kids and wife to bring them home.

For a while, I also worked a night job. 

A friend of mine lent me his car, so that I could go to work.

I was fortunate that I had a paid internship at ABR Mechanical. 

After internship, my boss said, ‘You’re not going anywhere, Jean.’ I stayed on and received a pay raise. 

Don, my boss, knows my instructor, Ash. 

He thinks Ash is a good man. Don told me, ‘Ash knows what he is doing. If he was your teacher, you’ll be good. If your friends were taught by Ash, they will be good, too.” My boss asked me to send friends from school; he wants to hire more MTTI graduates!

People say to me, ‘Oh, you must smell oil all day.’

I laugh and tell them, ‘The money doesn’t smell like oil. The pay is really good!’ 

When someone asks me if they should go to school, I tell them, ‘Go do it.’

I say, ‘It’s not that long—only seven months. You can make it through!’ I’ve already sent two people I know to MTTI.

My wife is really happy. 

She said, ‘I told you to go to school. Now you are happy working and you are making good money.’

I am thankful for everyone who helped me.

I thank my wife and my teacher, Ash; Erin in Career Services and Susan in Admissions;, my classmates—and all of the MTTI employees who were so helpful. I thank all of my friends who supported me, and my boss, Don, for hiring me. Thank you, MTTI! Thank you, God!



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