MTTI is Proud of 13 Graduates Working as HVAC Technicians at ESI in Attleboro, MA

Miichael Muratori, Service Manager at ESI in Attleboro, MA is with 4 MTTI HVAC Graduates.

HVAC Graduates at ESIHVAC/R Technician

We’re proud of the Thirteen MTTI graduates working at Environmental systems (ESI), inc. in Attleboro, MA!

Adam Baldasaro, Shawn Barbosa, John Barcelos, Tony Carreiro, Brendan Fugere, Rich Goff, Francisco Gonzalez, Jonathan Lanoue, Josh Lukin, Billy Montufar, Adrian Matos, Andrew Souza & Todd Venneman

Photo (Taken December, 2018 at ESI):  Michael Muratori, Service Manager at ESI with MTTI Graduates: Shawn Barbosa, Andrew Souza, Todd Venneman & John Barcelos


"We have 13 MTTI graduates working with us at ESI and 2 more will start after the holidays. MTTI has been a big part of our department being able to grow so quickly. We’ve been able to find talented individuals and train them to be skilled technicians who we are proud to have representing ESI. I’ve been a committee member for years and have been able to sit with other HVAC companies to review their curriculum and the tools they utilize. We provide feedback and MTTI listens and makes changes if needed. I work with other schools as well, however, there is no school like MTTI.”  

—Michael Muratori
ESI Service Manager

"MTTI helped me gain the fundamental knowledge needed to grow and thrive within the HVAC trade. Since graduation I’ve been employed by ESI as a Service Technician; the trade has been challenging but very rewarding and fulfilling.”  

—Shawn Barbosa
2015 MTTI HVAC/R Tech Graduate

"(At MTTI I) gained a strong foundation in the necessary basic knowledge to build on. I highly recommend MTTI.”  

—Andrew Souza
2018 MTTI HVAC/R Tech Graduate

"MTTI’s hands-on training in HVAC/R prepared me for a career change from corporate work to the trades. Today I’m proud to call myself a tradesman. If you are looking to make a career change you won’t receive any better training than at MTTI to prepare for it."

—Todd Venneman
2016 MTTI HVAC/R Tech Graduate

“MTTI gave me the training I needed to get a job and start a career I love. (If you‘re considering going to MTTI) do it—you can’t go wrong."

—John Barcelos
2017 MTTI HVAC/R Tech Graduate


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