MTTI Graduate, Eddie O'Farrill, is a Personal Fitness Trainer at Laid-back Fitness in Warwick, RI.

Eddie O'Farrill, 2017 MTTI Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate

Eddie O’Farrill2017 Personal Fitness Trainer

Edgardo (Eddie) O’Farrill, 2017 Personal Fitness Trainer Graduate
Personal Trainer at Laid-back Fitness

Eddie encourages & motivates me to push myself during workouts. He's helped me gain confidence in my abilities. —Amber P., Client

Eddie makes working out fun and tough! Laid-back Fitness is a great place to get in shape, have fun and meet people. —Diane F., Client

I’ve always worked towards being a leader.

I held management positions in construction, retail and at a warehouse.

I built up a strong sports background.

I played football, boxed, ran indoor track and excelled in mixed martial arts.

I was always working out—I like the way fitness feels.

My buddies would say, “Hey—come work out with me.” I’d give tips on how to move, and coach them to have better diets.

The message people sent me felt good.

“I really liked that work-out. When can we do that again?” I began to think, ‘Why not get paid for something I really like to do?’

I wanted to be more valuable.

People were asking me a lot of questions about health and fitness; I wanted to be able to answer them.

My wife graduated from MTTI’s Medical Billing & Coding program.

She encouraged me to check out the school’s Personal Fitness Trainer program.

I didn’t want to attend just any program.

I chose MTTI’s program because I could become ACSM Certified. If I was going to put in the time and energy, I wanted to earn a certification from The American College of Sports Medicine—a  highly respected organization.

It was important to learn from people who knew what they were talking about.

Chris Raymond, who was my instructor, has years of experience as a Personal Fitness Trainer. He told me I would be busy while in school—he was right. There was a lot of information to learn; if you miss even one day, you get behind.

I definitely recommend Chris as an instructor.

He is patient and able to explain things in detail. If I asked the same question 100 different time, Chris could explain it to me 100 different ways—until we both knew I understood it. Chris gave me respect for what I already knew about fitness; I gave him respect as my teacher.

At the beginning, learning everything the program teaches was a struggle.

Now I am seeing the perks.

Chris taught us how to program workouts specific to each client’s needs.

I learned how to sequence the different exercises.

Learning about injuries has helped me better explain to clients that ‘less is more’.

Everybody should be able to do certain moves-- squat, overhead lift, push, pull and do an overhead press. If someone can’t do that—I want to know why. If someone has a bad back or hip or knees, I’m thinking about what we can do to improve that.

I give Chris credit for inspiring me to read books and listen to podcasts.

That has helped me grow. If you asked me two years ago if I was reading books, I would have said, “You’re crazy!”. Now I am hungry for more knowledge.

I was able to intern—and get hired–at multiple fitness centers.

Ultimately, the opportunity at Laid-back Fitness was the best opportunity for me; it fit my personality. It is 'laid-back'—it’s cool. People can have fun while pushing each other to improve fitness.

Clients of all levels of fitness come to Laid-back Fitness.

Some come post-surgery, some are seniors; others are young teens. They may be athletes or lawyers; one member is a lieutenant of a fire department. Each has a different personality and character. Everyone gets along well and helps each other out. They introduce themselves to new members and make new people feel welcome.

Building your client base feels tough in the beginning—if you stick it out, it pays off.

Members typically first meet me in group classes before working with me one-on-one. I’ve learned that it takes about 30 days before they will hire me as a personal trainer. A new member may be quiet in class; he or she may not be interested in lifting weights, but is interested in becoming fit. I want to help that person move—first increase mobility then help them strengthen. There is a method to what I do.

Exercise should feel natural, functional and corrective.

Anyone can work out—lift weights. But you need proper muscle recruitment and to be able to open up the hips to benefit from exercise.

I have a different mindset after completing MTTI’s Personal Fitness Trainer program.

I’m less of a ‘meathead’ now about the way I work out or coach others. I incorporate yoga, functional training and flexibility—using your body as your resistance.

People tell me they like the way I communicate—some of my success comes from that.

I try not to overcomplicate the workouts. Sometimes it is all about how that client feels.  I have to match my energy to each client, whether I am working with a senior who is having a bad day or a teen hyped up on caffeine. I tell people to bring in the energy they need and let go of what they don’t—focus on what they need for success.

I want to help people have better lives.

Just to be able to do simple things—walk up steps, pick up their kids. If they are injured and in pain, I feel good when they feel better after a training session.

School was a cool experience.

The environment was clean and welcoming. Even the gentleman—Norm—who was working outside the building, said ‘hi’ to me each morning. Chris, Jen and Ryan (who assisted Chris in the fitness center) were all great people. MTTI made going to school fun-- I especially liked the Halloween party where we wore costumes and enjoyed a cookout.

Because of what I learned at MTTI, I can walk into any gym and feel comfortable.

I really like Laidback Fitness. My goal right now is to build my clientele. I see myself doing that here.

Eddie O'Farrill
Laid-back Fitness
2800 Post Rd #3, Warwick, RI 0288
(401) 871-8436 / 401-332-2734