Meet Courtney Olson, MTTI's Lead Medical Assistant Instructor.

Courtney Olson, MTTI's Lead Medical Assistant Instructor.

*Courtney Olson, Instructor

Courtney Olson, Lead Medical Assistant Instructor

Instructor, Courtney Olson, Teaching Two Students To Take Blood Pressure Readings.Students will tell you I am tough—they know that from the beginning.

I have high expectations of students. But it is all for their benefit. Medical Assisting is a demanding profession; our program is not easy. I tell students ‘The only way you can fail this program is if you are not motivated, compassionate or don’t ask for help. If you do these things you are bound to get through.’

I teach students what is expected of them in the outside world.

Employers tell us that Medical Assistants are the foundation of every medical practice. Docs and surgeons say, ‘What would we do without MAs?’ We make practices run smoothly, even guiding practitioners and patients through encounters and procedures.

Students leave here confident, excited and prepared.

If you want to make Medical Assisting your career, you have to work hard—that starts here. When I was in school, I had one instructor who was amazing—I wanted to be like her. She encouraged and pushed me to make me believe in myself. As a teacher, if there is one thing students can take from me, it is that they believe in themselves—in their potential and goals. I tell them, ‘If I can do it—you can do it.’

Growing up I’ve always been the one who takes care of everybody.MTTI Instructor, Courtney Olson, With Students Examining A Skeleton.

I wanted to be in the medical field to help people in all situations. I made decisions while young to start training where it would be quick to get into the workforce.  A lot of my skills have been learned through on-the-job experience in different practices where I’ve worked—ones that wanted to invest in me. I started by working in Cardiology, and have worked in Mental Health, Primary Care and Infectious Disease. Eventually, I was hired into my dream position at Mass General—Plastics and Reconstruction.

I always knew that at some point in my career I would want to teach.

I left my dream job to teach at MTTI. While I worked in different medical practices, I learned everything I could so that I could share my knowledge. I like to bring a lot of my experience into the curriculum. Students learn from hearing real stories.

Students in our program benefit from the amount of support they receive.

Instructors are able to spend a lot of time with each student. Our goal is to help each person reach their highest potential. We teach to their strengths and help them identify their weaknesses. By using repetition, we work with them until the clinical and communication skills become second nature; that increases their competency.

MTTI Instructor, Courtney Olson, WIth Medical Asistant Students.Administration tasks are an important part of being a multi-tasking Medical Assistant.

Medical practices most often cross-train Medical Assistants. MTTI’s program prepares student for both administrative and clinical medical assisting responsibilities. At MTTI, hands-on training includes software for Electronic Medical Records (EMR), and role playing for handling orders, referrals and consults. We practice the soft skills that often health professionals lack—while we’re doing the clinical skills. I and the other instructors emphasize teamwork, time management, communication—and especially empathy.

We strive to keep our curriculum up-to-date.

We listen to feedback from medical professionals at twice-yearly Program Advisory Committee meetings, and from the many internship supervisors and hiring sites. They tell us what is new in the field. Our graduates also tell us about new instruments and information, so that we can bring those into the program.

Becoming a Medical Assistant opens doors to so many different opportunities in medicine.

Medical Assistant responsibilities continue to grow. There’s a whole range of roles and job titles—and interesting specialties. After you graduate, if you want to grow, practices will be willing to train you. If you decide to continue your education, you’ll have a foot in the medical door—you’ll be ahead of the game.



Medical Assistant Students Hugging One Another & Instructor, Ms. Courtney, At Graduation.

What Do Courtney's Medical Assistant Graduates Say About Her?


"Anybody looking for a great school with instructors that care about your progress, this is it. MTTI is the real deal. The medical assistant program is super intense and there is so much to learn. Miss Courtney devotes so much time and effort into making the program great. If you want to get your foot into the medical field, do yourself a favor and check this school out.” 


—Kristina Taber, 2019 Medical Assistant Graduate
Medical Assistant at RI Hospital Neurodevelopment Center


"My instructor, Courtney Olson, is highly recommended! Tough when she needs to be! Really understanding! The school offers great hands on opportunities--and learning was fun!”


—Andrea Rodenbaugh, 2019 Medical Assistant Graduate
Medical Assistant/Medical Secretary at EastBay Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine


"I thank Ms. Courtney for pushing me; without her, I might have given up. She and Ms. Diane were always there to teach me a skill, or to bring me up when I was feeling down. Now I wake up with a smile on my face—excited—wondering what I’ll be doing that day.” 


—Devon Gomes, 2019 Medical Assistant Graduate
Medical Assistant at Coastal Family Medicine in East Providence, RI


"Ms. Courtney advised me not to be afraid to ask questions in class, and emphasized the value of teamwork.  She encouraged me to move out of my comfort zone and challenge myself.” 

Alejandro Puente, 2018 Medical Assistant Graduate
Medical Assistant, Lincoln Urgent Care