Boris Katan, MTTI Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Instructor.

MTTI Computer Service Technician / Network Installer Instructor, Boris Katan.

*Boris Katan, InstructorComputer Service Technician / Network Installer

Boris brings hands-on industry experience to train students for entry into the workforce.

“Before coming to MTTI, I launched and grew the use of PC networks at a manufacturing company to over 300 systems. I trained employees to use software, deployed software throughout the enterprise, and set up a Computer Training Center. I come from a family of teachers, so I knew that teaching can be incredibly rewarding. When MTTI offered me the opportunity to teach, I was excited to meet the challenge.”

During 20 years at MTTI, Boris has taught Business Skills & Computer Technology.

“I enjoy helping people connect with new and exciting careers. Teaching is an opportunity to see students grow into careers where they can make better lives. I like that I am continuously learning. New technology interests me; I do some technical reading every day.”

Computer technology is exciting.

“Computers--like cars—are immensely powerful. Both multiply basic human functions, and let us go somewhere. Playing computer games takes us into a virtual reality. Computers store more information than we can ever know by ourselves. Computer networks enable us to instantly see things in the world and communicate with each other.”

The IT field offers good careers that can go in many different directions.

“Some positions are repetitive; others present new challenges every day. Certain ones offer the opportunity for travel; one MTTI graduate has visited over 60 countries as a Technology Instructor for his company. The wide range of IT opportunities provides a good fit for different temperaments; people can choose positions with a lot of person-to-person interaction or ones in which they will work behind-the-scenes.”

Prospective students interview with a program instructor and see the lab.

“Once enrolled, the Instructor and Career Service Specialist provide on-going career development. When a graduate returns to speak with current students—and tells them he or she has been working for so many years—students can recognize this is for real. They see that the grad was once in their shoes. It dispels anxiety a student may have about launching a new career.”

Employer input helps us prepare students for changing hiring needs.

“Twice yearly Program Advisory Committee meetings help us stay current with evolving technology. Employers and industry specialists review our course curriculum, text books and even observe students working on assignments in the computer lab. The good graduation and placement rates for our program let us know we are helping people get hired into rewarding opportunities.”

The demand is strong for computer & networking technicians.

“If you have the inclination for an IT career it’s a good time to get into it. We have many graduates who are doing well in the industry. As their former instructor, it is a good feeling to see them able to buy a house, have a family and have a good career.”