Jarett working on a car


2019 Automotive Service Technician Graduate
MTTI Gold Wrench Award Winner
Service Tech at Tasca Ford
I grew up working on dirt bikes, tractors and lawn mowers.

My family always did their own work; my Father is a hands-on DIY guy.  While still in my teens, I did side work for friends and family.

I was working on my 1978 Camaro even before I had my driver’s license.

I was 16 and only had a learner’s permit.  My father and I put in an engine, transmission and brakes. Together we did body restoration, wiring and interior work. I built a race car out of that Camaro.

Working on the Camaro inspired me to get into the industry.

Eventually I sold the car, but started thinking about training at an auto tech school. I didn’t know anyone who had gone to MTTI; I found the school online. After visiting two other schools, I chose to enroll at MTTI

When I visited MTTI, everyone was friendly.

Of the three schools, my tour at MTTI was the most productive. I was able to go into the shop, meet the instructors and learn about what I would be doing in the program. The program length was shorter (7-months full time) and the price was lower. After graduating high school, I had a month off, and then I started the Automotive Service Tech program.

I never felt like I was struggling, because I was really interested in what we were learning.

Arturo, Rich and Glen are good teachers. They were easy to get along with, relatable and they communicated well. I always had someone to help me in the shop and to answer my questions

My instructor, Glen, recommended me to the Service Manager, Ken, at Tasca Ford.

Tasca was hiring. When I interviewed for an internship; they hired me on the spot. I started my internship working downstairs in Express, observing or working alongside a Technician.

After a few days, I was sent upstairs to work with the Foreman.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to do more varied work. Working with the foreman on a range of tasks is teaching me a lot. We’ve worked on an engine—replacing the water pump and timing belt—and on a transmission. I’ve also done some exhaust work by myself.

I was a little nervous on the first day at Tasca; all of my previous jobs had been done out of my home.

I had never worked with anyone before, except my Dad. During the first weeks, I needed to get to know and get along with the other Techs—and make sure I didn’t mess up! The guys I work with are friendly. If I ask a question, someone will know the answer and will tell me. Tasca Ford is a great place to work!

I’m working on people’s brand new vehicles.

I had to drive a 50K big truck into the tight corner bay where I work. Seems like I always get the big trucks to work on! I’m getting good at that. I do a lot of oils changes, tire changing, mounting and balancing, minor diagnostic work and recalls. To replace airbags, I take out the whole dashboard, install the new airbag and put the dashboard back together.

I had to learn Tasca’s system, and how to do the work their way.

There is more complexity in an actual shop than at a school. We had some practice working with repair orders at MTTI, but Tasca has a different computer system, and their own way to handle repair orders. 

Everything today is about electrical / electronic vehicles.

The most challenging part of MTTI’s program was learning about the electrical system and diagnostics. It was good preparation, because the change to electric cars is an opportunity for growth. Technicians today actually exert themselves less physically. Instead they need a good understanding of how vehicles work, and how to diagnose them—not just turning a wrench to fix them.

jaretts gold wrench award
Before going to school, I had just been turning wrenches.

Attending MTTI was well worth my time and money. I now have a greater knowledge base to help me grow in the industry. I’ve made new friends at school, and now at work. I’ve become a more knowledgeable, confident and efficient Auto Service Tech.

At only 19, I’m able to earn a living and save for my future.

Going to MTTI got me my first job—more than just a job, training at MTTI has given me a new career. If you are interested in working on cars for a living, MTTI is a good option; the program will get you started at a higher level in the automotive field.


Photos: Jarett in MTTI’s Automotive Service Technician shop; Instructor Glen Verduchi displaying Jarett’s Gold Wrench Award, given for the combination of academic and shop skills, plus excellent attendance in the program.