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    Terms of Service

    Not all repairs can be done and instructors reserve the right to deny any job. It is at the discretion of the instructor if the class has reached a point in the curriculum where they would be able to handle such a repair. When having work done by any of our programs, you are responsible for all costs associated with the repair. We also want you to remember that providing quality education to MTTI students is our primary concern. We inspect ALL work that has been done and cannot guarantee a completion time. 

    Upon Arrival / Drop-Off

    1.) Please allow time to completely fill out and sign a service waiver, this is required.

    2.) Note that we cannot guarantee a completion time, although we try our best to give you an accurate estimate. Large repairs could take several days. 

    3.) Since you are receiving free labor, please consider leaving a tip for the students to thank them for their hard work.