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MTTI’s Motto is “Education for Employment” and that concept is the foundation of all our programs. To ensure that our graduates are in the most competitive position possible to enter a new career we practice the following:
  • Re-creation of the Workplace
    MTTI’s shops and labs are outfitted to be very similar to the work environment found in your chosen industry.
  • Experienced Dedicated Instructors
    MTTI’s instructors are talented professionals who are passionate about their respective fields and have years of related work experience. Many have been managers and supervisors and know what the industry expectations are.
  • Curricula Development
    MTTI has Program Advisory Committees for each of its programs who help design curricula to ensure that skills taught are relevant to today’s job market.
  • Teach and Evaluate Excellent Work Habits and Attitudes
    The instructors serve not only as teachers but also act as mentors and supervisors to provide you the best opportunity for success. Employers require workers who demonstrate proficiency in technical skills but also have excellent attendance, professionalism, teamwork and dependability.
  • Provide Job-Related Training that Emphasizes Hands-on Learning
    Curriculum is designed to cover only the skills and knowledge that relate directly to preparation for your chosen career field. Most programs have more than 50% - 60% of training time spent in hands-on activities.
  • Support our Students and Graduates
    Once you are accepted to the MTTI family, the staff will dedicate their efforts to help you succeed.
  • Provide Support in Career Services 
    Career Services staff, along with your instructor, will help prepare you to find an exciting training related internship. They offer workshops in resume writing and interview techniques and help you to present yourself with the most professional image to support your success. They will assist you in your efforts to pursue your new career.