Program Consumer Information


Program Consumer Information
Passionate about riding and working on motorcycles?
Want to train for a mechanical career you’ll love?

Graduates of the Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program are prepared for the following recognized occupations (as defined by O*NET–SOC codes, which are used by workforce professionals to create job orders)

SOC 2020 Codes

  • 49-3052.00 – Motorcycle Mechanics
  • 49-3053.00 Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanics
  • 41-2022.00 – Parts Sales Person

For a description of each category, please go to:

Successful participation in this program enables you to apply for entry-level positions including the following:

  • Setup/Predelivery  
  • Motorcycle Technician  
  • Small Engine Technician 
  • Equipment & Tool Rental Technician
  • Outdoor Power Equipment and Other Small Engine Mechanics
  • Snowmobile Mechanic 
  • Installation, Maintenance and Repair Workers
  • Shop Apprentice

Graduation and Employment Rates

Accredited Career and Technical Schools are held to high standards of graduation and employment. We calculate on-time program completion and employment according to the formula established by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). 

The ACCSC sets as a benchmark a minimum of 70% training related employment for each program each year. We strive to meet and exceed this benchmark for every program each year.

MTTI’s goal is education for employment. We assist each graduate for as long as they are interested in and willing to seek employment; therefore the employment numbers and percentages are not necessarily final. As graduates continue to seek work and enter into employment, employment percentages can increase.

We recognize there are many reasons that a graduate might not go into program-related employment directly after school. MTTI counts as employed only those graduates whose employment can be verified in occupations related to the program of study. We do not count as employed those graduates who choose not to obtain employment at this time, or who remain in or return to their past (non-training-related jobs).

In calculating employment percentages, we can remove from the total count, graduates* who:  

  • Pursue additional education at another school (and are not working)
  • Enter the military (unless they accept program-related work within the military)*
  • Are unable to work while ill or injured

* Verified by death certificate, physician’s note confirming permanent or long-term disability, documentation of military service or proof of continuing education. ​

MTTI is proud of our many successfully employed graduates. To learn how we prepare students for successful employment, please see the Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program page and also read our graduates’ Success Stories.

Program Year: 2020-2021 [*This report is a “snapshot” of all students who entered, graduated and were employed during the program year.]

  • 10 students graduated; 9 were hired. The employment rate for the Motorcycle Technician / Power Equipment Technician program during 2020-2021 is 90%.

*According to ACCSC standards, graduation and employment rates are reported behind the current program year, to give graduates time to obtain employment. Daytime program statistics are for students enrolled between June 1, 2020 – May 31, 2021. 

On-time Completion Rate

The on-time completion rate is the number of students who completed the program with in the normal time during each program year. Because the rate is calculated based on the date originally scheduled for completion, the on-time completion rate will be affected by:

  • Class cancellations due to inclement weather
  • Students who successfully graduate after taking a Leave-of-Absence (LOA) due to documented medical issues or a death in the family, etc.
  • Students who transferred to a part-time program and subsequently graduated

On-time Completion Rate Current Program Year: 2020-2021

  • The on-time completion rate for the Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program for the program year 2020-2021 is 67%. 

Cost for the Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program 

Costs listed for this program are tuition and fees before any Title IV funding loans are applied. Most students qualify for loan and/or grant assistance. Tuition and supplies for this is program during 2022-2023* are:

  • $17,950 for Tuition (*includes a $2,500 tool kit upon obtaining verified training-related employment)
  • $50.00 for the Application Fee
  • $100.00 for Textbooks/Supplies

*Cost of Attendance including indirect costs (living expenses):
  • Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician (Dependent):  $36,456.63

  • Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician (Independent):  $50,419

*Cost of attendance includes direct costs (tuition, application fee, books and supplies) and indirect costs (living expenses). Indirect costs are not charged by MTTI but represent estimates of what costs you, as a commuting student should plan to cover during your enrollment at the school. 

Median Loan Debt

The median loan debt incurred by students who completed the Motorcycle/Power Equipment Technician program during 2019-2020 is broken down into several categories:

  • The Title IV median loan debt (amount borrowed) is $0
  • The private education loan debt (amount borrowed) is $0
  • The amount owed on MTTI institutional finance plans is $0
Hear from Graduates

"I've always been a hands-on person. MTTI has enhanced my skills beyond my expectations. It's the best choice I've made for my career path. Hands-on experience makes one hundred times more sense than just images on paper. If you work with your hands, I'd strongly suggest MTTI to anyone."

Austin Amaral, 2019 Graduate
Builder, P.D.I. & Prep of Motorcycles at Motorsports Nation Massachusetts
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