Comments from the ACCSC On-Site Evaluation for MTTI's 2015 Re-Accreditation

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Accreditation Comments

MTTI submits to a rigorous re-accreditation process every five years. At the time of re-accreditation, the School has an opportunity to be recognized, dependent on meeting specific standards, as a School of Distinction or a School of Excellence. During 2005-2006 & 2010-2011, MTTI was named a School of Distinction. Upon completing the re-accreditation process in 2015, the ACCSC recognized MTTI as a 2015-2016 School of Excellence (their highest award). The ACCSC announced that the 2016 Schools of Excellence qualified for an additional 6th year of accreditation; therefore MTTI will be evaluated for re-accreditation during 2021.
Quotes from the 2015 Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) on-site evaluation report:
" was quite evident that the school has established among all of its employees a culture that emphasizes providing students with the very best possible services."

Instructor Competency

"...the team observed a close relationship and effective interaction between faculty and students. Student surveys indicate 99% of those surveyed felt good about the instructor’s command of the subject, presentation of subject and they believe instructors were interested in students’ individual progress."

Relationships with Employers

"The occupation specialists joining the team all indicated that the school is well regarded in the community, known for stellar training programs that produce well-trained graduates with comprehensive occupational knowledge. Additionally, the occupation specialists indicated that plentiful equipment and learning stations are provided to allow for each student to receive adequate time for practice. It is noted that the school gives exceptional attention to the cultivation of relationships with local employers."

Accuracy of Employment Verification

"With regard to the results of the third-party verification of employment records, the team found the school’s documentation to include complete, written, and comprehensive information that indicates the school follows a systemized process of employment verification. "


"During the on-site evaluation, the team surveyed 29% (76 of 266) of the enrolled student body and found that 99% of those surveyed indicated they felt good about their decision to attend the school and 99% would recommend the school to a friend; results for which the team commends the school."