Meet Gary & Bill, MTTI's Motorcycle / Power Equipment Technician Instructors

Gary & Bill With 2019 Motorcycle / Power Equipment Technician Students

*Gary & William, Instructors

Meet Motorcycle / Power Equipment Technician Instructors, Gary Simcock & WillIAM Barry

Gary Simcock

  • Instructor at MTTI since 2013
  • Lead Instructor
  • Motorcycle Technician since 1986 at Bettencourt's Honda-Suzuki

"Years ago, when I attended a Suzuki update seminar held at MTTI, the place blew me away with all of the engines and vintage bikes hanging from the ceiling. Now as an Instructor, I love sharing my passions for fixing bikes with students. It's great to see them grow during the program, and then go out and get ahead in the motorcycle / power equipment industry."



William (Bill) Barry

  • 2008 MTTI Graduate
  • Shop Skills Instructor
  • Owner of Black Grease Cycles

    “I appreciate the hands-on training at MTTI. When I became a student 11 years ago, MTTI was the only program in the northeast offering motorcycle and small engine repair—but I never wished for another option. Students in the program get credit for working on their own bikes in the shop. I tore down my Yamaha XT500 and built it back up.  If you are thinking about enrolling, it’s all about the work you are willing to do. You will get out of MTTI’s program what you put into it.”






What MTTI Graduates Say About Gary & Bill

"Gary and Bill are amazing mechanics; they teach from their experience and do it with patience."
—Cale Jones, 2019 Graduate
Motorcycle Technician
Bettencourt's Honda-Suzuki


"MTTI has enhanced my skills beyond my expectations. Hands-on experience makes 100 times more sense than just images on paper. If you work with your hands, I'd strongly suggest MTTI. it's hands-down the best decision I've made."
—Austin Amaral, 2019 Graduate
Pre-Delivery Inspection / Builder / Prep
Motorsports Nation Massachusetts, LLC


"MTTI gave me everything I need to step through the door and make my dream come true."
—Nicholas Sabatini, 2019 Graduate
Service Tech 
Minuteman Harley-Davidson